Thursday Doors : Hobbiton…

Come with me to the magical world of  those tiny mythical people, the Hobbits.  Click here and experience the wonder when I was transported into the rolling hills, deep in the central cow country of New Zealand that had been transformed into the Middle Earth village of Hobbiton.

But in this post I am just going to show you some of the doors I photographed that day.

Hobbiton pc sx40 117_4000x3000

Hobbiton pc sx40 076_4000x3000

Hobbiton pc sx40 064_4000x3000

Hobbiton pc sx40 112_4000x3000

The attention to detail created the feeling that any moment Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee would walk out of one of the doors.


Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing it, between Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time),

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Thursday’s Special : City Dwellers…

1990 packed train_3072x2304

Rush hour in Seoul, city dwellers on their way to work.

Meanwhile in Hobart, Tasmania, life is not so hectic for the city dwellers…

CBD Hobart pc A720 038_3264x2448

City dwellers come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Go to Paula’s post “Lost in translation” you’ll be surprised at her city dwellers.

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Travel Theme : Masks…

Do you recognise who this mask is modelled on?

He has made a few appearances in some of my posts.

This is a self-portrait he created it by feeling the shapes and contours of his face, then transferring what he felt into the clay and it slowly came alive. He is very talented.

garden feb 2016 b n w masks pc 059_2677x3961

These are some of the other masks he has made and they are scattered around the garden waiting to pop out at you from among the foliage.

garden feb 2016 b n w masks pc 058_3000x4000

Below is the legendary “Green Man” (Wikipedia)

A legendary pagan deity who roams the woodlands of the British Isles and Europe. He usually is depicted as a horned man peering out of a mask of foliage, usually the sacred oak. He is known by other names such as “Green Jack, “Jack-in-the-Green” and “Green George.” He represents spirits of trees, plants and foliage. It is believed he has rain making powers to foster livestock with lush meadows. He was frequently depicted in medieval art, including church decorations.

garden feb 2016 b n w masks pc 055_4000x3000

This Māori warrior is in full battle cry.

garden feb 2016 b n w masks pc 056_3000x4000

This final mask is Neptune, God the Sea.

garden feb 2016 b n w masks pc 057_3000x4000

Ailsa has given us the theme of “masks” this week.

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Garden Photography : Monochrome…

This month Jude is asking us to dip our toe into the interesting subject of the monochrome image.

In Jude’s words : ” I’m not confining this month to pure B&W, you can look for images that are composed from tones of one colour, or perhaps a sepia tint suits your subject better. As always, it is up to you how you interpret this month’s theme.”

I find monochrome difficult to visualise, so for this first week I decided to see what my garden would look like in black and white.


I use this photo as my header so you have a comparison. What do you think?

Jude has a very stunning image in her blog “Earth laughs in flowers” do have a look at it. She also gives  some very good tips on different ways to present a monochrome photo. So now I will see what I can produce for next week.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Time…

Did you ever blow away the dandelion seed heads chanting one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, four?

I had vague memories of doing just that a long time ago. So I looked it up in Google and this is what I found.

 I picked a dandelion clock
And I held it near my nose,
I blew the pretty fluff away
And counted up my blows.”It’s one o’clock, it’s two o’clock
I gave a great big puff,
“It’s three o’clock, it’s four o’clock”
Away went all the fluff.
My dandelion clock was right
For mother called to me,
“Come in and wash your grubby hands
It’s nearly time for tea”.

I also found these dandelion sculptures at Canberra Floriade.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

Spend some time checking how other bloggers perceive time

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Thursday’s Special : Life-Size…


Norman Alfred William Lindsay (22 February 1879 – 21 November 1969) was an Australian artist, etcher, sculptor, writer. He is widely regarded as one of Australia’s greatest artists.

From an early age, Norman showed an outstanding ability to draw. He became the principal cartoonist for the Bulletin magazine, fought many controversies against “wowsers”, particularly defending his right to paint the nude.

Lindsay rejected Christianity, and his art depicts Bohemianism and Arcadian pantheism madly admixed in a fantasy world. As early as 1904 his work was deemed blasphemous.

His sumptuous nudes were highly controversial, and in 1939, several were burned by irate wowsers in the United States who discovered them when the train in which they traveled caught fire. Interestingly enough, Norman had actually sent them to the United States to protect them from the impending War!

In 1901 he moved north to make his permanent home in the Blue Mountains. The sandstone cottage is now The Norman Lindsay Gallery at Faulconbridge run by the National Trust, the cottage and landscaped grounds are open 7 days a week and there is a specialist gift shop and café. His studio and garden is a fascinating place to visit.

All these sculptures are life-sized and Jack got up close and personal to this one…



This is in response to Paula’s “Thursday’s Special”. I enjoy the challenge Paula gives us each week. Go across to Paula’s post and see how others have interpreted the theme.


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Thursday Doors : Tamborine Topiary


It was the amount of attention to detail that delighted me about this door, from the chunky door knocker…


To the artistic touch and unusual design of the stained glass.


The house had been lovingly built of sandstone, with the very appropriate name carved above the door.


It was very appropriate because the garden was filled with spiral topiary.


I can only guess at the amount of time and dedication needed to produce such an amazing landscape.


Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favourite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating and sharing your own Thursday Doors post each week between Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time

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Travel Theme : Gloss…

Cooly Rocks pc 088 blurVintage cars are the apple of their owner’s eye and when they put them on display they polish them to perfection.

Glossy, glittering and glamorous.


You can look but don’t touch…

jazz tauranga jc 046

Ailsa has many more glossy things in her challenge, take a look here.

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Thursday’s Special : Organized Noise…

Tobias M Schiel has joined Paula’s Thursday Special as a guest challenger. What a challenge he has presented.

“In my eyes the concept of organized noise begs the question of its applicability to pictures. Photography is known to record ‘noise’ in capturing the old, the broken, the decrepit – the sights someone might not like subjectively. The medium appears to lend itself to this aesthetic choice, and it has been keenly criticized for it.”

I’m finding it very hard to decipher the meaning of “Organized Noise” in photography, so I am presenting 3 different images for this challenge. Maybe I am way off the mark, but it has certainly made me try to think outside the square of my usual contributions to these photo challenges.

First I am looking for something old, broken and decrepit.

Ger to Mulawa 029 enhanced

Ger to Mulawa 029_3264x2448This is the original photo and I have cropped it hard to just include the disintegrating beams and the crumbling sandstone. Adding a dry brush affect to give the stones more definition.

Can you see the small bird on the old corrugated roof?

Tobias gives us another possible way of looking at this challenge

“Find a rhythm: Straight horizontal or vertical frame-to-frame lines can convey such a sense.”

Now this image only has a few straight lines, but I think the contours create a rhythm. The organized noise would be the sound of feet running up and down and the chattering of students discussing their classes. This is inside the amazing UTS Frank Gehry building in Sydney. (Take a look at it here)



Finally Jack suggested this interpretation of noise in photos.

Image noise is random (not present in the object imaged) variation of brightness or color information in images, and is usually an aspect of electronic noise. It can be produced by the sensor and circuitry of a scanner or digital camera.” (Wikipedia)

This is not technically a very good photo as it is very “noisy”. But is it organized noise? I think it is as it was created for a special purpose.

IMG_4266_1P Pokies Poster Edges Framed

So what is your interpretation of this interesting challenge? 

Go over to either Tobias’s blog to see his interesting “organized noise” images, or head to Paula’s site to see how other bloggers have interpreted this challenge


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Thursday Doors : Tallebudgera Valley

Tally valley currumbin creek drive pc 004_4000x3000

On a recent exploratory drive into the Tallebudgera Valley I couldn’t pass this colourful gallery without stopping to look inside.

Tally valley currumbin creek drive pc 002_3000x4000

What an attractive and welcoming door, perfect for Norm’s weekly door challenge.


Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favourite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating and sharing your own Thursday Doors post each week between Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time

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