Weekly Photo Challenge : Reward

The winner

The winner

The reward

The reward

In the dusty, red outback of Australia camel racing is a unique and exciting part of the culture. We were in Winton the day of the races, click here to come back with me and share that day.

This young woman certainly deserved her reward. (this weeks word from Krista at WP)

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Travel Theme : Environment

Our environment it is at risk. Man is polluting and slowly killing  this world we live in. But it is the foresight and compassion of a few that have given us National Parks around the world. Places where endangered species can have breathing space and a chance to survive.

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 075_4000x3000

This is the “Springbrook National Park”

Dominating the Gold Coast’s western skyline, Springbrook’s cool forests and mountain streams offer views of impressive landscapes, and walks among subtropical and temperate rainforest, open eucalypt forest and montane heath.

Spectacular waterfalls, cascades and tumbling creeks are dominant features in this World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforests of Australia park.

Springbrook National Park covers 6725 ha.

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 068_3000x4000

As you walk higher and into the temperate Gondwana Rainforest the temperatures drop, the moss, lichen and vines drape around the trees and suddenly you turn a corner in the track and are confronted with these giant Antarctic Beech trees.

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 079_3000x4000

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 080_3474x2859

They tower above you, some are thought to be 3000 years old.

Springbrook Ray n Kay pc 082_2304x1813

With out the protection of the National Park these magnificent species would be gone for ever.

Click here for another walk I did in this beautiful park


This week Ailsa asks us to think of the environment

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Bench Series : February Black & White #4



Here is my last B & W entry into Jude’s Bench Series challenge for February, and it is a mystery. I’m assuming it is a Chinese Garden, but where it is I do not know. Does any one recognise it? I really should take better notes!!!

Next month the challenge is to show wooden benches. Now I have lots of those. Maybe you have some you could share with Jude. Go here to find more details.


Thank you Jude for giving me the tip to look at the date it was taken. I have now tracked it down to the Hunter Valley Gardens

“Nestled at the foothills of the Brokenback Ranges, in the heart of the Hunter vineyards, you will find the magnificent Hunter Valley Gardens – over 60 acres of spectacular international display gardens that will amaze you with sensational sights, colours, fragrances and adventures.

Exploring over 8 kilometres of walking paths, visitors are able to experience each of the ten individual feature gardens with a range of statuary and superb feature gardens, all of a standard you won’t see elsewhere in Australia.”

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Travel Theme : Energy #2 Fire…


Fire lighting using 2 sticks

Fire lighting using 2 sticks

Fire lighting is very hard work

Fire lighting is very hard work



For the first Australians the creating and use of fire was the source and energy of their survival.

It is not light that we need, but fire;

it is not the gentle shower, but thunder.

We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

Frederick Douglass


Go to Ailsa’s blog “Where’s my backpack”to enjoy more interpretations of energy.

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Travel Theme : Energy


springbrook pc sx40 023_4000x3000

The raw energy of the waterfall as it thunders and roars its way to the ocean is an awesome sight.

Man has now harnessed all that energy.

springbrook pc sx40 113_4000x3000

springbrook pc sx40 117_4000x3000

springbrook pc sx40 127 crop

springbrook pc sx40 126_4034x3045

The water then flows out into a beautiful man-made lake.

Water is the driving force of all nature.

Leonardo da Vinci


Go to Ailsa’s blog “Where’s my backpack”to enjoy more interpretations of energy.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Symmetry

Indian temple dancing

Indian temple dancing

Geraldton war memorial

Geraldton war memorial, all similar in shape and size.

Geraldton war memorial

Geraldton war memorial

Lion dancers

Yoga pose, so flexible

Yoga pose, so flexible and perfect symmetry.

Symmetry (noun): the quality of something that has two sides or halves that are the same or very close in size, shape, and position; the quality of having symmetrical parts.


Difficult theme this week. Check how others have interpreted it here.

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Bench Series : February Black & White #3

Ross Camble Town pcsx40 089_4000x3000

A small Tasmanian village of Campbell Town has a population of approx 800 of which the largest proportion would be retirees. We increased that number by 2 when we stopped to wander along the heritage walk. There are an abundance of colonial buildings that have been well-preserved, among them these 2 churches.

Ross Camble Town pcsx40 035_3351x2982

We were pleased to find these benches in a handy place to sit for a rest.


Click here and join Jude in her weekly search around the world for benches

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Bench Series February : Black & White #2

red bus tour 070 bnw

This week I am taking you back to Hobart in Tasmania where I found this delightful setting.

 Jude of “Travel Words” is hosting a weekly bench series challenge. Each month she gives us a different caption. This month it is to show benches in black and white.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Scale

Katherine gorge pc 060_3264x2448

The Katherine River flows majestically through the towering red cliffs of the Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge). It is an overwhelming experience to float along in a tourist boat gazing up at these  ancient sandstone cliffs. It is very hard to convey the enormity of this landscape in a photograph, but catching some people in the shot helps. These 2 are walking the trail along the edge of the escarpment and have stopped for a swim. Can you see them both?

Now I don’t think I would be swimming in these waters in the tropical Northern Territory, look what we saw round the next corner…

Katherine gorge pc 086_3264x2448

This is a fresh water crocodile and is not dangerous, but his big brother, the fearsome salty, may be lurking somewhere in the murky depths of this river. The rangers regularly patrol the river, and have traps stationed along the banks so they can catch and remove any they find. But I would always be wary of the one they may miss!!!!


to mt isa jc 053_2478x1925Here is another monster of the Australian outback, the notorious road train. They dwarf our camper van and when you spot 2 coming from both directions the safest thing to do is get out of their way. They thunder past and the road shakes, they can roar along up to 120 kilometres an hour. Jack took this photo of me taking a photo of this road train.


bunya 2 pc 010_2448x3264

This is another Australian monster. This time it is a tree, the strangler fig. Starting as a seed dropped by a bird into the top branches of a host tree, it germinates and slowly and insidiously extends its roots down and through the branches of its host, twining and clutching as it goes. Eventually it encircles the host tree in a grasp of death, squeezing and growing, it will eventually, over many years, kill the host tree. Finally the host tree decays and rots away and the fig tree remains in its place a lacy, hollow testament to the ruthlessness of nature.

Jack climbed inside to give an idea of the scale of this brutal tree. Don’t stay there too long Jack…




Double trouble

Double trouble

On a lighter note I couldn’t resist taking this photo of these 2 waiting outside the pub for their owner to finish his drink.

walking through a field of dreams

walking through a field of dreams

Jack gives an idea of the expansive fields of wild flowers that cover vast areas of land in Western Australia.


The scale of  ideas in this weeks challenge will be endless, click here to see them all

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Bench Series February : Black and White #1

Richmond pc 007 B&W_3000x4000

This month Jude has challenged us to show the benches in black and white.

Not easy for me as I find it hard to visualise without colour. I chose this photo as it has 8 and a bit benches. I would prefer to have the people walking into the picture, or may be I should’ve waited a bit longer for them to move right out of the frame.

Jude has given us a list of all the years monthly challenges (check them here). Very good idea as I can find the benches tucked away in all the different folders, as I look through for other challenges, and pop them into a folder for future use.

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