Beautiful Aussie birds

Lorrikeets in the rain sheltering on my front deck

Feeding time at Fleays wild life centre on the Gold Coast


Aussie birds are so vibrant in colour and also in personality. The lorikeet is loud, raucous and pushy but I love them.Right along the Burleigh beach front there are many Norfolk Pines and each evening on dusk thousands of lorikeets descend on them to roost for the night. It is known as a “rookery”. The noise of them all squawking and arguing over the best positions is deafening. You must be very careful not to walk under the trees…

If you were a bird and lived on high,

you’d lean on the wind when the wind came by,

you’d say to the wind when it took you away:

“That’s where I wanted to go today”.

Where am I going? I don’t quite know.

What does it matter where people go?

Down to the woods where the blue-bells grow–

Anywhere, anywhere I don’t know.

A.A. Milne “Spring Morning”

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