Tasmanian Devil

Australia has some very unique and fascinating animals. Sadly many of them are becoming endangered. This is the Tasmanian Devil a very aggressive and grumpy little animal. As with all our native animals they are slowly loosing their habitat to human property developement. They have also been infected with a very virulent form of mouth cancer that, as yet, no cure has been found for. These aggressive creatures fight savagely with each other over carrion, which is there main diet. They inflict terrible wounds to each others face and that is how the cancer spreads.

I live on the Goldcoast near “David Fleays wildlife sanctuary” and it is one of the places that I delight in taking visitors to. They have every Australian native animal and many of the snakes and birds. They are kept in excellent living conditions, you can wander through the kangaroos compound and feed and touch them, a real delight for children. It is a great source for photography outings.

All these photos are taken at the sanctuary.


There are very few pure bred dingoes left due to cross breeding with wild dogs. The dingoes at the sanctuary are pure bred.

Cute Koala

The cute koala can also give you a bad scratch if you try to cuddle one in the wild. They are also on the endangered list. They only eat one certain type of gum leaf and their habitat is being eroded by developement and also cars and dogs kill many of them every year.


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