Memories of an English Rose

This rose was photographed in the Adelaide botanic gardens 2005

The rose, to me, brings back memories of my childhood, and England. My Father was a great gardener and he filled our small suburban garden with roses, lilac, columbines, and many other flowering annuals. I spent many hours helping him as we weeded, pruned, admired and smelt the roses. He also had a hothouse for growing chrysanthemums and tomatoes. As a child to sneak into that warm,cosy haven and sit on the dusty floor surrounded by the earthy, distinctive aroma of the tomatoes and to carefully choose and pick one that was perfectly ripe and eat it as I sat there was close to heaven. The rest of the vegs came from the allotment plot. This was a 15 minute bike ride away. I can’t remember how many plots were in that section but I loved going with my Dad to check how all the vegs were growing and also check out all the neighbours plots.

To this day I am passionate about gardening. Time passes so quickly when you walk round your garden, just for a look, pull one weed, that leads to another. Before you know it two to three hours have happily slipped by…

A small burst of sun-light

An English Rose

Give me an English rose

and you can keep your vaults of gold.

Give me a rose that I can watch it’s dew wet heart unfold.

Keep the treasures of the world

but leave me this one bliss,

where on earth could you surpass a pleasure such as this?

Patience Strong…

This lovely verse was on a birthday card that I received from my Aunt Zena many years ago, but carefully kept in my box of memories.

My heart is like a red, red rose….



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8 thoughts on “Memories of an English Rose

  1. beautiful!

    • Thanks for dropping by. I am very impressed with your blog a day.Will be checking you out regularly

  2. I love roses! These are beautiful.

  3. Reblogged this on Land Of Reblogs and commented:
    I love roses!

  4. Thanks for the reblog. Wow you have a super busy blog… So many visitors in such a short time. Very impressed

  5. Such a wonderful post. Many of my own life’s memories are tied to roses. My mother encouraged me to grow them and we now enjoy a garden of 100 roses… Thanks again for sharing the blooms and your memories…..

    • Your garden must be a picture at this time of the year. Roses are harder to grow here on the Gold Coast we have a sub tropical climate and they don’t like the humidity. Many people do grow them here but they need lots of spray and love.

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