Memories of amazing Western Australia wild flowers

A sea of gold as far as the eye could see

When I moved to Australia in 1998  I had a dream to see Western Australia in the spring time. I had seen photos of the incredible floral display, talked to others that had been there and it was firmly at the top of my “bucket list”. But, Australia is a HUGE country, thousands of kilometres from the South-East corner, where I live, to the west coast. Would I ever get there? 

Well I did, twice. In 2005, on my own, I rode the Greyhound buses right round the “Big Lap” as the journey around Australia is called. I stayed in back-packer dorms, wwoofed, stayed with “Global-Freeloaders” and saw the amazing wild flowers. It took me 4 months. That was in the days before I knew about blogging, but I came back with hundreds of photos.

 Then in 2010 Jack and I made the decision to spend a year travelling slow and steady right round Australia again. This time in our trusty old van, Matilda. I had also discovered blogging so was able to record the journey in cyberspace on my blog site “Gypsy Life” I timed it to be in W.A. for the wild flower season, August to September. It was floral heaven. 2010 was a good year for the floral displays, and the diversity,colour and  sight of masses of native flowers is a sight that cannot be described. But we have hundreds of photos to remind us, and when I am no longer able to travel I will look at them and close my eyes and be transported back in time and space to that field of dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Memories of amazing Western Australia wild flowers

  1. Fantastic flowers Pauline, did you get some from WA. Brian

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