Weekly photo challenge : Purple (take 2!!!)

Jack thought of the Purple Pub in Australia for the purple theme. I thought of our recent trip to New Zealand and a memorable stay in Coramandel town at the end of the stunningly beautiful drive along the penninsular. The narrow road winds along the edge of the ocean with craggy rocks and hills rising straight up from the other side of the road. As you reach the top of the range the elevated vista that spreads before you of the ocean and islands is stunning. The road drops down to the small hamlet of Coramandel. We were travelling with my son and partner and chose to stay the night at the Celadon Motel.

It was an inspirational choice. The two-story wooden cottage nestled in the bush overlooking the harbour. It was private, quiet, very spacious, clean and only a short walk to Coramandel main street. We walked down and bought a tub of marinated muscles, a speciality of this area, grown in muscle farms in the clear blue waters off the coast. This was the starters as we waited for the fresh caught fish to be cooked at the local fish and chip shop. Sitting in a local park to eat dinner then back to the cottage.

Now this is where the purple part comes in. Growing all along the deck of the cottage was a grape-vine and the fruit was perfectly ripe. We were told we could eat as many as we wanted. They were so sweet. Then we sat back relaxed with the juice of the grape and watched the sun go down in a purple, pink haze of glory…

Cottage at Celadon Motel


Coramandel harbour from the cottage deck

Sunset over Coramandel harbour


PS…. Just checked Celadon Motel in google (click on link to have a look at the site). It has changed hands since we stayed in March this year. We paid $80 full price for 4 of us. Noticed the price is now $140 for 2 people + extra $15 per person. So now is $170 per night for 4 people…. Knowing that in retrospect makes our stay even better, don’t you just like getting a bargain?????

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