Travel Theme : leading lines (2)

The great Nullabor highway

Could not resist a second entry this week in Ailsa travel theme, leading lines. This post was inspired by Cinova <  in her post she showed us the Great Ocean Road. This triggered the memory of our drive across that other great Aussie icon road trip, the Nullabor plains. For many years it was looked on with fear and forboding as the road was unsealed, bulldust in the dry and deep ruts during the rest of the year.People looked on travellers that had “done the Nullabor” with admiration and awe.  The wind reached hurricane proportions, the weather was totally unpredictable. It still has an aura of adventure today, mainly fuelled by the tourism brochures.

We approached it with caution. Stocked up with water, extra cans of baked beans and plenty of batteries for the cameras.

It was an amazing 5 day trip for us, we found it to be so different to the treeless , barren image that we had visualized. It is now all sealed, no bull-dust. Sure it had almost 1000 kilometres of arrow straight road, ( part of that road was designated an airstrip to allow the RFDS to land planes in emergencies) the wind was a strong side wind buffeting us, part was treeless but still interesting, the road trains roared past. But there were other parts of pure beauty when you could drive off the road and camp in the bush behind a thick clump of bushes and watch the sun go down. Side trips to view the ocean pounding in on the rugged cliffs of the great southern bight. Looking out to the south and realizing the next land fall was the Antarctic. No worries about fuel as approx every 300 to 400 kilometres would be a roadhouse selling very expensive petrol.

Another site that broke the journey was watching for quirky trees. A shoe tree, a bra tree, a hat tree, and then we spotted Santa Claus standing in front of a tree decorated with red and green streamers and baubles, it was December 20th 2010, until that moment Christmas had seemed a long way away.

So this leading line was the start of an iconic journey across the Australian desert wilderness from West to East…

Nullabor “the treeless plain”

Amazing variety of greens

Trees in flower

A different sort of tree “the shoe tree!!”

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6 thoughts on “Travel Theme : leading lines (2)

  1. I am honoured to have inspired this wonderful post, with your vivid descriptions and great captures of flora in the Aussie desert. I especially liked the native flower and the shoe tree! Despite living in this sun drenched country for almost 45 years, I have yet to travel across the Nullabor plains. Definitely one journey on my bucket list! However, I have made the three day drive up the East Coast to Fraser Island in Queensland and can relate to the very expensive petrol stops!

    • Australia has so much to offer the traveller. Some people do the Nullabor in a day, others I have talked to take up to 10 days. Like The Great Ocean Road that you are so lucky to live near it has such amazing scenery.

  2. Wow, this looks so cool, pommepal, I hadn’t heard of the Nullabor plains until now. That shoe tree is brilliant 🙂

    • Looking for the strange trees across the Nullabor gives the trip a real new dimension. Saw a hat tree and a bra tree among others…

  3. These are the things I miss about Australia

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