Travel theme : Leading lines

I look forward to Ailsa of <Where’s my backpack> posting her new theme each week as it makes me think of past experiences and journeys. This week it is “leading lines”. It took me awhile to decide what to use. Travel, and life, is full of leading lines. Roads, tracks, fences, rivers, mountain ranges. The list goes on and on and I am looking forward to seeing other bloggers interpretations.

This is mine….

Adelaide tropical rainforest house

I love botanical gardens and Adelaide would be one of the best in Australia. The rose garden is magnificent, this climate down in South Australia is perfect for growing roses and there are large beds of trial bushes to admire and wander around. But Adelaide is not tropical, just the opposite.

I love the lush, dense, verdant vegetation of the tropical rainforest, the large leaves and creepers covering every branch and surface reaching for the light. So when I found the tropical rainforest glasshouse it was a delight to open the door and enter into the steamy, humid atmosphere. It was a great achievement to the designers and gardeners to create this world under glass. The heat and humidity surrounded you. Suddenly, as I slowly walked around, the sprinklers came on to simulate a tropical shower and I stood in awe and watched the beams of light catching the moisture and creating these leading lights to heaven.

Lines from Heaven…

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12 thoughts on “Travel theme : Leading lines

  1. cathome36

    Love it. Surely that lines also go to heaven. Catti

  2. these photos have an ethereal quality to them…quite stunning and perfect for this theme

  3. sweet take on the theme!!! beautiful shots!

  4. Gorgeous sun light beams! Great shots!

  5. very picturesque with the streams of sunlight

  6. Delicious photos, pommepal, and such a wonderful interpretation of leading lines. xxx

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