Travel themes : leading lines 3….

Railway lines near Katherine


Ailsa and her weekly travel theme at her blog “Where’s my backpack” makes me look around as we drive along and 2 days ago driving out of the campground at Springvale homestead  ( you can read the post here on my gypsy life blog ) I was quite literally stopped in my tracks when I saw this rail line. We had to stop and have a photo session.

Watch for the next train Jack

This rail bridge goes over the Katherine river and the legendary train “The Ghan” travels from Adelaide to Darwin. A journey of approx 3000 kilometres. It is one of the great train journeys in the world. It goes right through the centre of Australia, south to north or vise versa. It takes 4 days. It is the only train journey in Australia that I have not been on. All the train trips in Australia are epic journeys.

Railway line over the Katherine river

This shows the height over the river. I am not sure how high it is but it is a long way down to the river. In 1998 and again in 2006 this placid, gentle-looking river became a raging torrent that flooded the town of Katherine and went over these rail lines by 6 foot. Jack would’ve been under water if he tried to walk over the bridge back then…



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5 thoughts on “Travel themes : leading lines 3….

  1. Perfect! I love the three different perspectives!

  2. Brilliant, pommepal, that first one of the tracks is amazing, and I love love love the second one – not only the lines of the track and bridge, but the awesome red & white striped trousers Jack is wearing. xxx Ailsa

  3. Ah! the happy pants.:-)

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