Travel Themes : Signs

Danger they are watching you…


Ailsa asked for signs in her “Where’s my backpack” These are the signs we are seeing every day and every where up here in Northern Territory Australia. A crocodile can run at 40kmph for short bursts so it could easily outrun me…

He may look as though he is sleeping, but I wouldn’t check to see…

I have not seen one yet this trip so this croc is from Northern Queensland. Never smile at a crocodile…



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6 thoughts on “Travel Themes : Signs

  1. ailsapm

    Ok, a little bit scared at the thought of it. I only ever think of crocs lolling about on the river banks or lurking in the water. The idea of them running 40 mph is terrifying! I shall most certainly be paying close attention to any signs that involve crocodiles!

  2. I would need a sign that read: “Go inside a building and do not come out.” Yikes.

  3. Didn’t know they could run that fast. All the crocs I’ve seen , in zoos that is, looked so perennially sluggish, even opening their eyes with an effort. Now this is scary.

    • I love all your comments, thank you for looking through my posts.They sure are scary have yoy seen the photos of them on my gypsy life blog, jumping crocs?

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