Travel Theme : Textures

Tawny frog mouth


Ailsa of “Where’s my back pack” has chosen another great theme. Texture just surrounds us and often it is not even noticed. This theme opens our eyes and makes us look. Click on the link above and you will find many more bloggers interpretations of texture….

Trees are amazingly varied in the texture of their trunks and this clever little bird has similar feathers and colouring that takes advantage of the trunks texture. The Tawny Frogmouth will perch, motionless, in the fork of the tree and he is so camouflaged that he is very hard to see.

Red Kapok flower


The beauty and glory of nature is never-ending. This is just the opposite texture to the tree trunk. The light catching this red kapok flower gives the petals the texture of velvet.


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7 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Textures

  1. Fats Suela

    Nice capture on the camouflage of the frog! And I love the caption of your blog!! =)

    • G’day Sue Pleased to have you drop by and make a nice comment. This is a bird, though abit hard to make him out, I don’t know why they are called “frogmouth” as they don’t eat frogs only insects

  2. he really is hard to see

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  4. Hi, I love the Magpie photo of yours

    do you mind if I shared it on my blog / tumblr for others to see?
    many people love birds

    would be nice if images on your blog were free to share

    for the love 🙂

    but I couldn’t find any info if it was possible to use and share that image unfortunately


    • I think the photo you refer to is a Tawny Frogmouth. I do not mind you sharing this photo and I thank you for the courtesy of asking permission. I would appreciate it if you give me recognition in a caption with the photo.

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