Travel Theme : Animals

Ailsa of “Where’s my back pack” has given us animals this week, good one Ailsa. We all love catching those creatures on film.

Surprisingly in Australia you do not see many animals in the wild. The exception being the kangaroo and wallaby People from overseas are always very nervous about snakes in the bush, they picture them under every log and hanging from trees waiting to pounce, or should I say slither, after them. The reality is you just don’t see them, they see you first and take off…

Many of the creatures in the bush are nocturnal and sleeping as you walk by. So to see them you have to go to a zoo or wildlife park. There is a very good one on the Goldcoast, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, not far from where I live We always take visitors there for an Australian wild life experience.

So here are a few of many favourite Aussie animal photos…

Kangaroo and Joey, in the wild


Dingo at Currumbin wildlife sanctuary


Tasmanian Devil


Koala at the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary


Me with a black headed python, the snake handler was right next to me…







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13 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Animals

  1. Jenn

    Beautiful animals 🙂 the best in the world we have 🙂

  2. That devil looks really angry!

    • It was feeding time, they are very aggressive little animals. At the moment they also have a cancer of the mouth devastating the numbers in the wild and so far they have not found a cure for it

  3. Aussie animals are just so special. And who doesn’t love the Tassie Devil’s attitude ???

  4. Great captures! the kangaroo and joey look like they’re dancing!

  5. Wow, what a blog! Loved your pictures. That snake looks pretty scary.

    • Thanks for dropping by, that snake was used to being handled, they feel so smooth and as they wind around you you can feel the strength in their bodies

  6. Cool Devil Shots . Here is one from our latest blog at

    • Thanks for commenting. I love your site and regularly check it out. That devil shot in your post was so sharp for being caught in the wild. Mine was taken at the Currumbin Wildlife Park. I’m hoping to travel in Tasmania next year

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