Weekly Photo Theme : Happy (2) + Learning curve on new gallery format…

I was happy with the way the new gallery format looks, very impressive, but for one thing: I had tried to put the sunset photo as a single photo, which it did, but it also put it into the gallery (damn). By putting the gallery first, then the text, before adding the final photo I thought I had it “sussed” so was disappointed when it also went into the gallery and upset all the arrangement. I really did not want that last photo of me reading to be so big….

So at 9pm last night I sent a question to the forum page to see what I had done wrong. Within 30 minutes a reply came back…

If you mean a Gallery like this: http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/ then you can use an “exclude” to keep the single photos out of the Gallery. You’ll have to modify the Gallery shortcode to use the exclude and you can only do that in the Text tab in the Post Editor. Your shortcode would look like
 where XXXX is the image ID number of the photo you want to exclude. How to find the image ID number.”

So I clicked on “how to find the image ID number” and this is what it said……

“The image ID number can be seen when you hover your mouse over the image, its title, the word “edit” or “delete permanently” in the Media Library. When you hover the mouse over one of the above, look at the status bar of your browser window (if you don’t have it enabled, you will have to do so) and you will see something like


It’s the number (highlighted above) following “attachment_id=” which needs to be mentioned in any include or exclude”

How good was that. I have used the forum in the past when I was learning to use WordPress. It is a great helping tool.

So now I will go into the inner sanctum of the dashboard and see if I can work it out. Watch this space….

Well 3 hours later….

I still haven’t managed to work out how to change the gallery shortcode. I have found the “text tab” in the “Post Editor” but then I ground to a halt, can’t find an “exclude” any where to put the ID of the photo into, (yes I have found the photo ID…) . So I will put the 9 photos in the gallery and come back later and see if I can get that single photo in, without it going into the gallery.

I have sent another question to the forums page, but because it is Sunday I may have to wait till tomorrow for an answer. So if you look at this page with no single, featured photo in it, try coming back later on Monday to see if I have been successful….

These are more things that bring a smile to my face and a feeling of contentment. Top of that list is Jack, he is so much fun to have around and to travel with. Our garden is an endless source of happiness, both working in it and simply looking at it, the beach in all it’s moods and our magpie family…

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Theme : Happy (2) + Learning curve on new gallery format…

  1. This is a beautiful post that makes me smile. Great job! z

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