A word a week challenge : Food

A new challenge has been set by Skinnywench on her blog “A word in your ear”. By randomly opening her dictionary each week she will choose a word from that page and this week the word is FOOD. The challenge has been going for a few weeks now, but I couldn’t resist this theme…

I think fish and chips are a universally liked food, but the taste, quality and presentation can vary widely from shop to shop. I have my very favourite fish and chip shop in Burleigh, my home town on the Goldcoast. It is “The Fish Mongers” along James Street. Now we give him a 10 and as we travel we judge every fish and chip meal by this standard. We have only found a few that are a 10 and match the taste of both the fish and the chips at the Fish Mongers.

Burleigh is a very special suburb of the Goldcoast. Most people think Surfers Paradise when you mention the Goldcoast. The glitz, the glamour, the high-rise apartments, the 5 star hotels, the coöperate chains of shops that you can find any where in big cities, the night clubs and bars. That is all fine if you are a hip, swinging, clubbing single 20 something.

If you are over 29 try Burleigh. Old fashioned James Street has no multi-national shops or stores. It is a trendy little Street of boutiques, coffee shops, cafes, craft shops even op shops, Jack’s favourite shopping haunt. Govindas, the Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant, has a very popular eating spot that is always busy, a good sign of a place to eat. Fish Mongers are in James Street. Across the road is the beach, one of the best in Australia, so you can take your fish and chips, wrapped in paper, to enjoy as you watch the waves rolling in, or you can eat them in the small restaurant, at no extra cost, and, as it is licensed, enjoy a glass of wine or beer with them.

I hope the powers that be never change our Burleigh. It is the last un-spoilt shopping centre on the coast. All the others have been massively upgraded.

Do you like finding these little, quaint places to look around when travelling?

Oh one last tip, if you go to the Fish Mongers for a meal on a Friday or Saturday evening, be ready for a wait of 30 to 40 minutes, they are so popular. Or do what I do and ring in your order and ask them how long the wait will be. Of course if you are with friends and time is not an issue you can order then walk to the beach and back, or sit and have a wine or two while you wait….

Wow, this post is almost making me feel I need to go home for a visit….


High Tea at Twin Towns RSL club


Now for some thing quite different. I am going to spoil myself with this very decadent high tea.

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s  house and eat with him…

the people who give you their food give you their  heart.

Cesar  Chavez

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/food_2.html#U3CxJiYmYcMYqRT4.99

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34 thoughts on “A word a week challenge : Food

  1. You have me longing for Sheffield and the best fish and chip shop in the town – I may have to pop into the Langham for high tea on my next day off 🙂

  2. Great post, we had fish and chips last night. Our local is the best too. I’ve just done a foody post and entered the challenge too.

    • Yes we had FnC for lunch yesterday down Palmer Street at the Fish spot, we are in Townsville, and they were a 9. Been across to see your foody post, my Mother used to make them too…

  3. Two extremes 🙂 yummy 🙂 found a fantastic fish and chip shop in Sandgate. And had the pleasure of high tea in Singapore. A very different experience 🙂

  4. That high tea looks tempting.!
    Wonderful photos you have on your blog.
    In case you are wondering,I followed a link from the WordPress forum regarding missing posts.Glad I did.!

    • Well hello there… I was a bit devastated to find 2 of my posts missing this morning, but the good news is you have come calling. Thank you for letting me know how you found me, I often wonder how people find me…
      Loved my virtual tour of your Scottish hills

  5. Reblogged this on A Word in Your Ear and commented:
    One of my favourite foods – fish and chips – join the A word a week photography challenge and I will reblogg one entry per week

  6. Go Burleigh and Greenmount, and isn’t that true of fish and chips…!

  7. Cornwall is my favourite for fish and chips + a good view! 🙂

  8. It all looks so delicious – We can get neither good fish and chips nor a decent (if any) high tea in my city – I’ll have to wait for my next vacation!

  9. I am a FISH AND CHIP JUNKY. I like perch too — there is a place out on the water by me that does it up right. Dude, I am so hungry now. I need to stop reading food posts late at night…

  10. I am definitely craving fish and chips after reading this post. I like mine with mushy peas, and curry sauce and lots of vinegar. Also, fish and chips in Australia are just as good as those in England, but sadly we don’t get them here in San Diego (will just have to look at your post and dream of them).

    • WHAT no fish and chips in San Diego? Oh dear you are so deprived of one of lifes super foods!!!! Do you cook your own?

      • I have looked for authentic fish and chips and none have come close to the real thing! They all advertise English style fish and chips, but the chips are really fries, and not the thick chips (like steak fries almost), and the fish is not cod. The closest I ever got to “real” fish and chips was in Monterey where they actually even served them from newspaper like they do in England. I used to cook my own, but have stopped now, however, as soon as I go to England – that is definitely one of the meals I have in my first few days. I remember in Australia (years ago when I was there for a year), I felt right at home! But, you are so right….fish and chips are definitely one of life’s super foods!

      • I agree chips have to be thick and chunky, crisp on the outside and so tender in the middle. Some places over here now do beer battered chips, they are really crispy and yummy

  11. Suzanne

    Great photos. I love the fish and chips floating on the water. How clever.

  12. Oh how I miss my twice yearly proper english ‘fish & chips’ – I get wonderful fish out here in South India straight from the famous chinese nets (see my own blog and pics), but somehow it does not tastes the same. But I can dream – can I not!?

  13. G’day thanks for dropping by and checking out my blog. Every one seems to love fish n chips, and have their favourite fish shops. Of course you can dream and drool about your favourite even if it is only twice a year…

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