Weekly Photo Challenge : Big

I am lucky to live in a big country, it is also a big island and a big continent.

So it is appropriate that with the weekly photo challenge theme being big, I would dig into my photos and memories of our BIG trip around Australia from March 2010 to March 2011, in our little van, Matilda…

Highway number 1 circles right round Australia.

Highway 1 is a network of highways that circumnavigate the Australian continent, joining all mainland state capitals. At a total length of approximately 14,500 km (9,000 mi) it is the longest national highway in the world, longer than the Trans-Siberian Highway (over 11,000 km, 6,800 mi) and the Trans-Canada Highway (8,030 km, 4,990 mi). Every day more than a million people travel on a part of it.(quoted from Wikipedia)

Approximately 14,500 kilometres, if you don’t do any side trips. We did lots of side trips and had 37000 kilometres on the clock when we finally arrived home, exactly one year later.

To do the “BIG LAP” right round is on the bucket list of many Australians, especially the older, retired members of the community. Many of us do it. The highway is cluttered with all varieties of caravans, RV’s, trailers and campervans. The majority driven by the grey nomad species of Australian. Many of them have been round more than once, it is an addiction to see what is around the next bend…

I could choose many photos of BIG things, Australia is famous for its BIG monuments to bananas, pineapples, fish, shrimps, gumboots, sheep, I’m sure if you name something, some where you will see a huge creation of it, but I am going to choose two natural wonders.

Katherine Gorge

As you are taken along the Katherine River on a boat cruise through 3 of the gorges the sheer red rock escarpment towers above. It is an awe-inspiring sight but very hard to capture in a photograph. The closest I could get to show that feeling was to include the small figures of the people tramping along the edge of a track. Can you see them?


Sad information about the prison tree


Boab prison tree

Boab prison tree

This huge, old Boab tree is near Derby in Western Australia. The 1890’s was a very bad time for the Aboriginal people and this tree was used as a temporary holding cell when Aboriginal prisoners were taken for sentencing to Derby. It is hollow.






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3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Big

  1. Woah! That Boab tree is amazing and surely has a sacred look to it. Just one question, was your van named after the Waltzing Matilda song?

    • Not really named after the song, we called her “meandering Matilda” because meandering around Australia was what we planned to do and Matilda just seemed to match up, but yes a matilda is a very Aussie term for a pack you carry on your back…

  2. trishworth

    Australia IS a big country. I’ve spent a lot of time in cars driving between states and I feel like I’ve done my share; I’d be happy if I never drove long distances again. I really enjoyed reading about Katherine Gorge and the big Boab tree, neither of which I’ve seen. Thanks for your story.

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