Travel Theme : Spooky

Foggy morning


Lawless camp ground


When you are freedom camping in the bush and you are the only ones there and you wake up to this, it is quite spooky, but also incredibly beautiful with the spider webs cascading with dew drops. The birds do not sing on a foggy morning so all is still and quiet.


This is another response to Ailsas theme of spooky…….


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7 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Spooky

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  2. I LOVE foggy mornings .. Eerie and perfect .. Otherworldly and magickal … Beautiful pics 🙂

  3. The magic of the moment…really beautiful ones!

  4. I love these types of mornings in Australia…magic !!!!

    • Yes so do I, the mist doesn’t last long the sun very quickly burns off all the mist so we had to rush out in PJ’s to capture the moment

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