Travel Theme : Spooky

When something is spooky or eerie or weird it raises the hairs on the back of your neck. You feel uneasy and nervous; this strange sensation can cause you to be ultra-cautious.

What is it? Why do you feel this way? Is it the place has lingering spirits or feelings from things that have happened in the past?

We encountered a very unsettling experience as we travelled around Australia in 2010.


Sign to Mogumber

As we drove towards New Norcia in Western Australia we noticed a small sign on the side of the road. It offered tours of Mogumber Farm. Following the narrow, dusty track it took us to an open gate advising us to contact the caretaker.

The place was deserted, no caretaker to be found. We walked around the scattering of houses. The doors were locked and the windows tight shut. Looking inside, through the windows, the rooms were all empty. Further along a sign saying dining room pointed to a larger building. Mops, buckets and brooms lay in a haphazard clutter at the back door, another sign asked people to help with the cleaning.

Mogumber farm


Childrens play ground

Slowly we drove along the track past the swings and slide in a children’s play-ground. Around a bend we came to a large corrugated shed, the sliding doors open and inside a cluster of plastic chairs leant against the trestle tables and three empty, dirty fridges stood with their doors hanging open. Dead leaves swirled around old sneakers and torn t-shirts that littered the floor.

Outside the barn parked under the gum trees an old fashioned school bus waited, the windows had been smashed and the tyres had long since deflated.

School bus

At the end of the track a church nestled among the trees looking abandoned and forlorn. Inside a scratched and worn out organ faced the pews that were covered in dust and cobwebs. Looking through the glassless windows we could see in the distance more corrugated Nissan style huts, maybe piggeries.

The church

Very spooky, very unnerving definitely time to leave.


I did a post about this experience on my “Gypsy Life” blog as we travelled around Australia. At the time I looked on Google for information about the place. It was part of the history of the “stolen generation” If you click here it will take you to that post and give you more details about this very spooky place. I also took a video click here to see the video

Ailsa’s theme this week brought back those memories. Visit her blog “Where’s my backpack” for more spooky reading….      

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11 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Spooky

  1. the swing is quite spooky…

  2. The link wouldn’t open, but I’m guessing a former cult? There is a cult near the holler. They have a branch in Kootumba Austrailia that Australia tried to shut down. I was shocked to discover this. Bad mojo!

    • Thanks Cindy for letting me know about the link. No it wasn’t a cult but it was a very sad part of Australian history when Aboriginal children were forcibly taken from their families. I will do another post with more details.
      Sounds abit scary to have a cult living near your place.

    • Cindy… This was a mission as part of the removal of children from their Aboriginal families.

  3. I visited Mogumber as a child … When it was occupied. A mission for the Stolen Generation of this land … One of many. Aboriginal people taken from their home because they were ‘too fair’ and deemed fit to participate in ‘normal’ society. Families broken up. Children ripped away from parents. All as a result of the 1905 act in WA that allowed this to occur. The effects are still felt to this day. This occurred til the 1970s. Kevin Rudd gave a long overdue public apology.

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  5. The stories of the theft of those Aboriginal children always break my heart.

    • Aboriginal history has only recently been acknowledged. Now most museums have areas devoted to the “traditional owners” of the land. Because their history was an oral one it needs recording before all the elders die and take it with them to the grave.
      Yes it was a very sad part of Australian history

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