Travel Theme : Heat

What a very appropriate theme Ailsa from “Where’s my backpack?” has given us Southern hemisphere folks. Today the summer season starts. It has sizzled in with a vengeance. The temperatures are climbing into the 30’s in my area of Queensland and further south in NSW parts of Sydney are expecting to reach into the 40’s.

The media is warning us that the bush-fire dangers are extreme and urging neighbours to check on any elderly people living on their own. Drinking lots of water is a priority as dehydration is a killer in these temperatures. It is going to be like this for weeks.

I’m lucky, I live near the beach and the afternoon sea breezes kick in about 4pm to help cool me down.

This morning I spent in the local library, they have free internet connections and air-conditioning. They close at mid-day on Saturday.

So now I am at Macdonald’s for a coffee and the free WiFi. I’m surrounded by kids having a party, Mums, Dads and Teens all come in for some relief from the heat on the beach at this time of the day. I imagine the cinemas will be doing a roaring trade too.

The hottest photo I can find in my archives is of a bush fire we went past on our recent trip north…

Bush fire

Bush fire


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7 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Heat

  1. A very frightening photo, thank goodness you were safe.

  2. Yikes, that looks scary and those temperatures

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