Word a Week Photo Challenge : Light

I have not been able to enter Sue’s challenge for the past couple of weeks (poor internet connection!) but I could not let this one slip by. Sue, aka Skinnywench, from the blog “A word in your ear” sets a challenge each week by opening her dictionary and randomly picking a word for us to interpret.

This week it is “Light”

For photographers it is the light that defines the picture. Poor light and the photo will be a failure. It will be drab and lifeless. The same picture taken in a different light can be stunning, a show stopper, one that makes people go WOW.

Go to Sues blog (click here) to see some superb examples of photos caught in the best light, they glow.

As I travel I automatically watch for that “good light”, early morning and late afternoon are known as the “golden hours” The landscape transforms into a photographers dream.

One of my favourite subjects are flowers. They can be a challenge especially if the wind is blowing, as it often is in Australia…

Here are a few I hope you like them…

This flower opens in the night and only lasts one beautiful day

This flower opens in the night and only lasts one beautiful day



Drosera capensis,fly catcher

Drosera capensis,fly catcher

Tiaro, Mary River sunset

Tiaro, Mary River sunset

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9 thoughts on “Word a Week Photo Challenge : Light

  1. Gorgeous!

  2. lovely – I like the way the flowers have light on them – nice

  3. Your flower photos are beautiful and the landscape one isawesome

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  5. Stunning 🙂 especially the third photo 🙂

    • That third plant is actually quite small and catches insects on those drops of sticky liquid I loved the way the sun was catching them

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