Mailbox challenge

Madoqua of “have you ever” has noticed that mailboxes are becoming a thing of the past. With the rise and rise of the internet, e-mail and smart phones are now the quick and easy way to communicate, even most bills can now be accessed and paid via B-pay. Sadly theft has also had a part to play in the demise of the old mailbox with people preferring to have a secure post box at the post office.

So Madoqua has put out the challenge to photograph and post interesting and quirky mail boxes. If you have seen any on your travels or in your area check out “have you ever”  and join in…

Here are a few I have in my archives…

Red Back Spider mail boxred back spider mailbox

Beer keg mailbox

Beer keg mailbox

Cute cottage style mail box

Cute cottage style mail box


Milk can mail box

Milk can mail box


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12 thoughts on “Mailbox challenge

  1. Here in Panama there is no mail delivery. The electric bill is stuck in the gate. Anything else, you go to the post office. It sure cuts down on junk mail.

    You captured some great mail boxes in your photos!

    • So you miss the pleasure of waiting for the mailman to arrive on his little motor bike, must admit I could do without the junk mail…

    • That is really interesting, presumably the electricity people could argue that you definitely got the bill, but what about council rates and so on?
      You are right about the junk mail. Around our neck of the woods the junk mail deliverers are pretty good if you have a notice saying “No junk mail”. But I think it spoils a nice mailbox to have to tack that on!

      • I don’t know what happens if you don’t pay the electric bill, but I suppose I would ask about it if it didn’t show up for a couple months. What are council rates?

        • Council rates are a sort of tax that council gather from home owners to help them pay for all the running of the city. We pay approx $1200 per year. We get the bill twice a year via email and pay via internet banking.

  2. I was usually working so I wasn’t used to waiting for the mailman anyway. We get other people to keep things interesting though! The strangest to me was a guy going around selling sheets LOL

    • Many, many years ago I remember door to door salesmen selling linen. I actually bought a couple of pure wool single bed blankets from him in the 1960’s and I still have them…:)

  3. I really enjoyed your photos of mailboxes. The Redback one is so unique, but so is the one on the post above it – it looks like a little house with a windmill. My favourite is the Cottage style one.

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