Travel Theme : Festive

Happy Christmas, happy holidays, happy new year etc,etc. It is that festive time of the year. Every one gets together and, hopefully, happy times abound around the land. The festive spirit invades our lives. A time of giving, getting, eating, drinking and sharing…

Oh dear, do I hear a slight sigh of cynicism…

No worries, be happy….

2012 is nearly over and, amazingly, the world still turns and life goes on irrespective of any ancient forecasts to the contrary.

2013 looms on the horizon. Time to make those New Year resolutions.

This week Ailsa has given us “Festive” to ponder on.

I have a tiny confession to make… I never feel festive at this time of the year… maybe it is my British heritage, Christmas should be cold, wet, maybe snowing. Fires should glow and crackle in the hearth. (as a child I always worried about Santa getting down the chimney…) We roasted chestnuts on a shovel over the cinders, a traditional feast of roast turkey with all the trimmings followed by plum pudding….

Now I swelter in the heat, the traditional feast is prawns, cold meats and lashings of salad followed by fruit and ice-cream.

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore Australia and would not go back to live in UK if you paid me. But just for one day (today) I miss the tradition of Christmas in winter….

So my festive photos are going off on a totally different track. This week I am going to remember the colours, joy and festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year and Buddhas Birthday.

Australia has a large chinese community and many cities celebrate their New Year. Brisbane does it in style when the South Bank of the Brisbane River becomes China for a week of celebrations.

Lion dancers


buddahs birthday


buddahs birthday


Buddhas birthday


budhist nun at shrine_


buddahs birthday

These photos were taken by Jack and he has kindly allowed me to use them. He has many more buddhist and asian photos on his blog Take a look, his posts give you food for thought….

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2 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Festive

  1. Love this! Thanks for the great post and photos

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