Patience Pauline!!!


I am at the Telstra shop. We have ordered a connection to cable Internet. We have waited and waited for it to happen. The frustration levels trying to use the Internet in the flat are sky high.

So I have come here to try and get some satisfaction….

Two hours later I think I can see our Internet problems will soon be solved.

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5 thoughts on “Patience Pauline!!!

  1. Hope it is sorted for you soon.

  2. Good luck! I was without internet when I first got here and it drove me nuts. we are so used to being connected to the world.

    • Yes is is amazing that we have become so dependent in such a short time. They have told us the techo will arrive Jan 4th to set us up.It took nearly 2 hours of waiting around and then going from one dept to another before I finally, I think, sorted it out…

      Gave me plenty of time to play with the Iphone, take the photo and put this post on from the Iphone app, Oh the joys of technology when it goes right…

      • Ahh, hopefully the iPhone will get you by. I had a Panamanian phone (with all the menus in Spanish) that wouldn’t call out of the country and my family was still in the US. Thank goodness for free internet in the city park. Jan 4th? 8 days. Tomorrow it will be 7, and counting down from there!

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