Weekly Photo Challenge : My 2012 in Pictures

This sounds deceptively easy “My 2012 in Pictures”….


Two days have slipped by as I look through the hundreds of photos stored on the computer. I enjoyed the trip down the memory lane of 2012, but now I have to short list and sort them to tell the story of my year that was 2012…

It has been an interesting and fantastic year. A year of travel, birthday celebrations and family reunions.

The beginning of the year started with a trip to New Zealand. My son had reached his half century mark in February, then 2 weeks later I reached that biblical landmark of 3 score years and ten and on the same day Jack turned 80. A total of 200 years living between us…

What a grand excuse for a time of celebration. Laurence had a family dinner and get together on the farm, then a week later my daughter and partner came over from Tauranga and we all went to a restaurant right on the beach at Karioitahu The pleasure of spending time with my “children” is priceless…

The road beckons and we take off with Laurence and Kerry for a road trip around the Coramandel Peninsula. Duck shooting time is getting close and my son, the hunting, shooting, fishing type takes us for a boat trip along the Waikato river to check out the bach and prepare it for the coming season.

While we are in New Zealand we take the opportunity to fly to the South Island. What a beautiful country this is, so small but filled with the most glorious and diverse scenery. Easy to get around and tourist friendly.

I recorded our trip on my “Gypsy Life” blog and posted photos and wrote posts about the trip. (click here to see the photos and stories)

After the South Island trip we returned to stay with my daughter in Tauranga before flying home to Australia…

That is the first half of 2012 and I will post the photos of New Zealand….

From Jack…..

Photos refresh our memories of the highlights of our life. Bringing back those wonderful moments to share and enjoy once more. They inspire us to seek out the wonder and beauty in this amazing world.

Photography draws our attention to many things easily missed. It inspires one to rise early to catch the magic of the morning sun. Our attention is drawn to the misty mornings, brilliant sunrises and long shadows, creating golden halos as it back lights the fur of animals. Stopping to inspect one thing of interest and a whole array of wonder is found.

Sorting, choosing and selecting which photo to use is the biggest problem, it is not only the artistic merit but the feeling the photo recalls that makes you live it all again.

To see more of Jack’s Jottings go to http://jacksjottings.wordpress.com


We fly back to Australia, the first half of the year has flown by. The temperatures are falling and winter is just around the corner. Time for us to pack up Matilda and head North…

(to be continued)

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : My 2012 in Pictures

  1. Grey Power – yes, the best decade of life, I agree!

  2. It just keeps getting better

  3. this is a great retrospective! all of the images are great, though i really love the early-morning light on those cows! the shadows and colors are pure art! z

  4. hehehehe…grey power – Winston would love that

  5. Looks like a wonderful year! Thanks for sharing those precious memories with us all. Best wishes to you and your family for a blessed 2013.

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