Comments : the pleasure and power of blogging.

Boss with Nymph

Boss with Nymph

I was surprised and delighted when I received this comment on this post I wrote about my love of horses  (click on link to see the post, written November 11)

“Hi i love your photos of THE FARM. After the death of the boss it was run as a livery yard by a mrs naylor (you may remember her). Myself and many of my friends kept our ponies there. Many years later my father was able to buy it He sold them about 3 yrs ago. The stables are still there but have just been given planning permission to be converted into flats.My father has a dvd with the auction of the hackneys after the bosses death. Buyers came from all around the world. I NEVER MET THE BOSS SO IT WAS NICE TO SEE A PHOTO OF HIM IF YOU HAVE ANYMORE PHOTOS I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM”

I do not think Julie is a WordPress blogger as she did not have a URL attached to the comment, so I am amazed how she found the post. Maybe it came from Google???!! I would love to know. Of course I am delighted to get all comments. I think all bloggers love the conformation and connection that comments give us to the big, wide world of cyberspace

I think this is an amazing testimony to the power and popularity of blogging.

I’m hoping Julie, who sent this comment will get back in touch with me.

The next day my dear friend, Margaret, who shared so many of my adventure on FARM (we still keep in touch regularly) also sent me an email. She had checked my blog to show to another friend and came across the comment. This is part of her email…

“I’ve just looked at your “Memories” blog and have seen the comment by Julie. Jan and Eileen will probably know her as Eileen kept her horses at farm for many years after Boss died. Mrs Naylor was Winnie Wood who I am sure you will remember. Her husband showed you and I round the farm when you came to the UK in 1983. She married late in life and was Boss’s secretary. She was responsible for giving many of the horses their registered names when they were registered in the stud books. She also ran a badminton club in the rooms above the carriage sheds and it was her bottle of lemon barley water we took from the staircase and watered down when we all had the infamous water fight and you and I walked home soaked and sticky afer being drenched by the lads. You did score a direct hit on Pete, though if you remember, he was creeping up behind you to pour a cupful over your head. You were sitting on an upturned bucket and I was facing you sat on a corn bin and you must have seen my eyes move because without even looking you threw your cupful over your shoulder and got him full in the face! Happy days!
I attended the sale of the horses and ponies after Boss died and have photos and newspaper cuttings and Julie is quite right, people did come from all over the world. I didn’t know a video had been done at the time. It would be really interesting to see it or obtain a copy. Sadly as I remember most of the horses didn’t make high prices. As I remember Boss died of lung cancer (do you remember the cigarette always in the side of his mouth and as one finished another one was lit up) and had been ill for some time and the horses didn’t look their best on the day of the sale. Neverheless the bloodlines were there and hopefully have been carried on through the years.”
These are solid gold memories of my teenage years in the 1950’s. The decade of rock n roll, teddy boys, skin-tight jeans, leather jackets. Like Margaret says “Happy days”
Are you old enough to have happy memories of the 1950’s?


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15 thoughts on “Comments : the pleasure and power of blogging.

  1. Great photo. The horse is beautiful. I love them also. They are magnificent animals.

  2. This is fantastic! Shows you how small is the “big” world. I also grew up in the fifties and early sixties. Remember rock and roll, Elvis, Jimmy Dean etc

  3. Oh yes! I qualify … the 50s were a great time for me. Super well-paid job, living and working in London – the world was my oyster.

  4. I so enjoyed this post. It must have given you such a thrill to get some ‘re-connections’ through your posts. Who would have known that 50 odd years after your fun water fight, it would feature as a happy memory on your blog? Just delightful!

    • I was thrilled to get the comment, but the story hasn’t finished yet it gets even more amazing. I will be doing a follow up post soon. Watch this space….

  5. How wonderful! But you know your blog is really special as are you.

    • Aw shucks Cindy!!!! Thank you for lovely comment, but there’s more, this story just gets better. I will be posting a sequel in a few days time… watch this space…

  6. I don’t have memories of the 50’s (born in ’68) but from what my parents have told me, movies and history books, it is one of my favourite eras and wish that I had experienced it. I also had a case where a non-blogger from Wits University once commented on a photo I posted of a piece of artwork on the campus. Quite strange. Must be a Google search.

    • The 50’s were a magic era, especially being a teenager, that newly coined term for us. Yes it is mind boggling how people find the blogs, but very gratifying

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