Wild Weekly Photo Challenge : Scary

Australia has many very scary things both big and small. plant and animal. So here are a few I have encountered.

Australian rainforest

Australian rainforest

The Australian rainforest is a scary, unpredictable place. Other countries call this the jungle. Ticks, leaches, spiders, stinging trees, poisonous plants all these small things are lurking around to catch you. But in the waterways all through the top-end of Australia you could suddenly be confronted with this…..

Jumping Crocodile

Jumping Crocodile

You know what they say “Never smile at a crocodile…”

Down south in Tasmania this little devil could jump out and tear you to bits.

Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil

Fortunately for me I found this savage beast behind a fence and in an enclosure at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. They are now an endangered species and being decimated by a horrible facial cancer that, so far, they have no cure for.

Spooky misty morning in the camp ground

Spooky misty morning in the camp ground

Even camping in the bush can be a scary experience when you wake up to this spooky, misty morning, (actually I found it quite beautiful)

Rushing out to take photos I had to be very careful I didn’t wrap myself into this web…

Spider in the bush

Spider in the bush

Now you would think your own backyard is a safe place, right? Not so in Australia…

Golden Orb spider over the garage

Golden Orb spider over the garage

This female Golden Orb spider had spun its web right across the front of the garage. If you look very carefully, just between the spider’s back 2 legs is a small bundle wrapped in the web. I think that is the male orb spider, once they have done their duty the female kills the poor thing. These spiders are, fortunately, not poisonous. We do have many spiders that are. I used to have a lot of red back spiders around the garden but I, with the help of the birds, have got rid of them..

But then there is this BIG daddy that lived in our garden for quite a while till one day he went to visit a neighbour’s garden and that neighbour slashed him with an axe and killed him. What a sad end for a beautiful creäture.

Python waiting for dinner in our garden

Python waiting for dinner in our garden

He would lay coiled in this tree for hours waiting for a bird to land. I never saw the final strike, but would often see a pile of feathers under the tree. The Python would then slither off to the fish ponds for a drink.

Carpet Python drinking at our fish pond

Carpet Python drinking at our fish pond

We loved sharing our garden with this beautiful snake, he is non-poisonous. Different story when one of the brown snakes come by, they are one of Australia’s most venomous snakes

This is a challenge I have just found by reading about it on one of my favourite blogs. Zeebra Designs and Destinations is a wonderful blog that showcases Lisa’s life in Costa Rica Ecuador with photos , stories and some of her amazing art work. Follow the link to look at her scary things.

Now the idea is that you go to this Wild Weekly Photo site, have a look at the posts and like or comment on them, and I would just love you if you comment on this post also…

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21 thoughts on “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge : Scary

  1. wow, wow and wow again! i love all of your images, and most of them work for ‘scary.’ the croc coming out of the water is amazing! the smoke -that’s too scary especially right now. poor poor snake – that one did not scare me, and i am so sorry that it’s no longer with you. i once had a boat living in the rafters of the house, and it ate bats and mice. when i was gone for over a year, my friends thought it best to get ride of the snake. i am sure they killed it, and now i have to battle the mice and bats!

    thank you so much for such sweet things you said about me and my blog. you’re the best!


  2. Hey thanks for such a prompt reply Lisa, these challenges are so much fun. BTW do you know where the html code goes that they ask you to insert into our post?

  3. i just insert the link to their page, and so far that seems to be ok. nick, the editor, is very nice and can probably answer that question – point us in the right direction if we are ‘sinning.’!!!

    i’m not following this blog of yours – , perdon!!!! i’m about to be following! z

    • Yes I just ignored the html code as I didn’t know where to put it. I first tried to put it as a link and it went nowhere!!! 😦 so I just did the page link thing

  4. Awesome photos 🙂 the croc is spectacular 🙂 and yes this beautiful country of ours can be downright scary 🙂

  5. Gorgeous photos and brilliant captures. Especially spiders ! those little creatures always scare me wherever I found it.

    • I find the webs more scary if you accidently walk into them, they really stick to you. Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment, I appreciate that

  6. WOOOOWWW! All of those are really scary. The crocodile shot was great, and the Taz too. :-)Well, everything is lovely and scary. Great job on the prompt.

    • Thanks Imelda, those crocs we saw on a boat trip along the Adelaide River, I was very careful not to fall over board… Lol

  7. Spiders are indeed not my favourites – good shots!

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Spiders are scary up close, especially our poisonous ones in Australia, but they look spectacular in a photo

  8. I truly enjoyed reading about these creatures. They, as well as the photos are magnificent. Thank you so much for taking me to a country I’ve never visited before until now. (Fantasy) 🙂

  9. Love the croc!!

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