Thursdays lingering look at windows : Week 1…

This is the first time I have joined this merry band of “window watchers”. Dawn of “The day after” is now in control of this challenge so go check her out…

I have seen window photos on blogs I follow, but back then I was cursed with excruciatingly slow internet connection so had to limit myself to the challenges I contributed to. All that has changed with the connection to super fast cable internet, whoo-whee…

So here is my first window…

Deserted drovers cabin

Deserted drovers cabin

In the 1880’s to 1950’s Newcastle Waters was a thriving township built in a wetland area, with a large lagoon that never ran dry. All the droving trails from the large cattle stations crossed the outback and passed through to give the drovers a few days rest while the mobs of cattle recovered before continuing the drive to the coast.

Then the roads improved, trucks took over the job of shifting the cattle and the drover lost his job. Newcastle Waters is now almost a ghost town. This sad window tells the story of a wife trying to make a home for her family. Lovingly sewing curtains to brighten up her surroundings, then having to leave it all behind.

We visited Newcastle Waters on our way around Australia and you can see more photos and information by clicking here


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5 thoughts on “Thursdays lingering look at windows : Week 1…

  1. What a unique and beautiful window, made more so by your text. Fascinating and beautifully written to be sure we consider all aspects. Thaks for participating.

    • Thanks Dawn for the nice comment. I love looking through my photos to find appropriate pictures. Is the idea that we post on a Thursday?

      • Yes, I will post Thursday morning and you can leave your URL on that week’s comments. Don’t forget to tag your posts Thursday Lingering Look at Windows so that it’s easy to find by other participants.

  2. Yes the curtains really tell a story in themselves.

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