A word a week photo challenge : Smile

Sue aka Skinnywench of ” a word in your ear” has dipped into her dictionary and out popped SMILE.

That is so infectious, “smile and the world smiles with you”. Click on the above link to Sues blog she has put in a great collection of happy people from around the world, even included some happy animals.

Today it is raining, hurricane Oswald has been very slowly moving south along the east coast of Australia bringing storms. Winds, floods and tornadoes have battered communities in its path bringing disaster and heartache. It has reached Brisbane, 100 kilometres north of us. It will be here tonight. We are battened down and keeping our fingers crossed…

I can think of no better activity than scrolling through my photos and looking for all the happy photos that bring back the good memories with them.

So say “hello” and share a smile with these lovely people…

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4 thoughts on “A word a week photo challenge : Smile

  1. more than a smile I think I started grinning half way through the post 🙂

  2. Beautiful smiles! Happy people. 🙂

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