Travel Theme : Walls

Ailsas from “Where’s my backpack?” has asked us to construct walls this week.

Well here is Arno, a “fair dinkum” Aussie eccentric bloke that has spent a life-time constructing this wall, his tribute to junk,  in the far away town of Winton. This iconic outback town is also home to camel races, dinosaur relics, boulder opal, a musical fence and must not forget to have a beer at the North Gregory Hotel where Banjoe Patterson first performed the famous Aussie poem “Waltzing Matilda”.

So I present to you (tongue firmly in cheek)…..

Winton Arnoes wall

Winton Arnoes wall

Winton Arnoes wall

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 015_3264x2448

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 016_3264x2448

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 014_3264x2448

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 018_3264x2448

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 013_3264x2448

Arno is now 82 years old and still lives in the house behind the wall A walk round to the front and you see his

“piece d’ resistance”

Winton Arnoes wall

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 026_3192x2164



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15 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Walls

  1. Totally cool post!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for calling in and I appreciate you leaving a comment. It was a work of dedication by Arno quite amazing finding all the different things he had included in his “work of art!!!”

  2. Could be an interesting metaphor for how we could reconstruct the walls we put up to block our feelings, memories etc. … As well as being a really great piece of art, or capturing a snapshot in time. I enjoy it on lots of levels. Thanks!

    • That is a very interesting comment Denny. Yes it is a museum in a wall isn’t it? Love your idea of a metaphor…

  3. A fascinating way to make a feature from lots of junk! It must have taken him ages to build the wall too!!
    I very much enjoyed this post 🙂

  4. You win! That was the most unique and interesting wall this week!

  5. “Travel Theme : Walls Memories are made of this” was a
    superb read and therefore I actually was indeed quite glad to locate the blog.

  6. Arno’s wall is amazing! And I’m very much enjoying your blogs. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful world, and memories. Lovely.

  7. Wonderful photos! I love unique places like this. 🙂

    • G’day Beth and Andrea, pleased to have you drop by and do a tour through my blog. It is good that these eccentric people are still beavering away in their quirky world. I love it too

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