Thursday’s Lingering Look at Windows : Week 3

Practical outback window/shutters

Practical outback window/shutters

This is the very practical windows and corrugated shacks the pioneers built when they first arrived in the harsh and confronting outback of Australia. Corrugated iron was used because the termites would very quickly demolish any thing built of wood and the shutters were a practical way to batten down when the hurricanes roared through. You can find quite a few still standing, though most are now uninhabited and derelict.

They are not lined and usually just a dirt floor. Can you imagine living in this “home” during the heat of a tropical Australian summer. Our pioneers really had it tough…

Dawn of “The day after” has many windows to show you on her blog, go have a look, if you have one to show us join in..

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6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Lingering Look at Windows : Week 3

  1. That is fascinating! I take pictures of barns and am always enthralled by the stories of how they came about. Most barns (and this is essentially what this building is) were built based on how they built them in their homeland.

    Thanks for the G’day (you know I love them) but I am afraid for me it’s a G’Night.

  2. This is a delightful photo. I agree that one rarely sees buildings with these sorts of windows in larger towns or cities. However, they are still reasonably common on farms, particularly on shearing and some machinery sheds.

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