Weekly Photo Challenge : Unique

Australia is a land full of unique creatures so what better way to answer the challenge this week than with some photos I have taken of our Aussie animals.

The header photo is the unique display of wild flowers that appear in West Australia every year. The mass of yellow is the everlasting daisy. Tomorrow I will be posting my interpretation of flowers, and I will feature Australian wild flowers, that is the theme of “let’s be wild” another great travel blog that I follow. Check it out…

What do you find unique? Go to the “Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge” to find lots of unique contributions. Maybe add yours…

Mother and Joey

Mother and Joey

Cuddly Koala

Cuddly Koala

Mother and son in the morning light

Mother and son in the morning light



Finally, in the photo below, I captured 2 unique Aussies. Jack wondered what to do, look at his expression, These cassowaries are notoriously aggressive. Look at the size of his claws and that blue top-notch is solid bone. In the end the cassowary just looked and then wandered away. “Thank goodness” said Jack with a sigh of relief.

Cassowary reading over Jack's shoulder

Cassowary reading over Jack’s shoulder

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Unique

  1. I have never seen (or heard of) a Cassowary before.
    What an interesting looking bird.
    Kind of looks like an emu….but not. 😉

    • Thank you for calling in, I love to get comments. The cassowary is on the critically endangered list and only lives in a small area of Australia. The recent hurricanes have decimated its territory and the rangers have had to feed them till the vegetation grew back, that has made them come around camp grounds looking for hand outs

  2. I don’t know if I would have been as calm as Jack seems to be if that Cassowary were that close to me!

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  4. All of them are really nice, and the Cassowary is something I had never heard about before. Looking beautiful yet…aggressivity and unpredictability can be felt even through the photo!

  5. We hoped and hoped to see a cassowary while we were in Australia…and we finally did! You’re right, Australia’s animals are unique and amazing.

  6. You can certainly see how dinosaurs were related to the cassowary. Amazing color on it’s neck/head. I too have never heard or seen.

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