A Word a Week : Old

Snapshot_ This week Sue of “a word in your ear” has opened her dictionary and the random word for our challenge is OLD.

I feel very qualified to be part of this challenge, but I do not really like photos of myself so instead I am going to show you some of the old, decrepit buildings we saw on our travels around Australia.

Old buildings are one of my favourite subjects. They give off an aura of mystery and hold so much history within their walls.

To  me – old age is always ten years older than I am.
John  Burroughs

Living in isolation

Living in isolation

Very ramshackle now but this was some ones home

Very ramshackle now but this was some ones home

Jack tried the bed out for size

Jack tried the bed out for size

Frank Ewin Macklin

Frank Ewin Macklin

This is Western Australia, the climate is brutal. Summer is hot, sometimes reaching temperatures in the 40’s. The wind would blow the fine red dust into every thing and winters are cold. Can you imagine living in this corrugated hut, no electricity, no running water, no insulation on the corrugated iron. The nearest shops approx. 20 kilometres away. Life would be very hard. But then imagine spring with the carpets of wild flowers all around you, the stars sparkling in the vast sky, the only sounds those of birds and the wind rustling in the trees. Yes it is hard but I think it would also have it’s good side.

display of everlasting daisies

display of everlasting daisies

This is the beauty that would surround you in spring’


A hut in the goldfields around Coolgardie

A hut in the goldfields around Coolgardie

The reflections make this a bit hard to see. I hope you can read it

The reflections make this a bit hard to see. I hope you can read it


Jack Carins was born at Newcastle upon Tyne in 1890. He came to Australia in 1913 and worked as a farm labourer in the southwest of Western Australia and as a sandalwood cutter on the Goldfields before settling down to life as a prospector. He had a keen sense of humour and a deep respect for the indigenous culture. Despite living a physically hard and isolated life he was a cultured man who wrote poetry and spoke German as well as two Aboriginal languages. In July 1971 he broke his leg as a result of an accident when riding his bicycle into Coolgardie. His fierce independence led the 81 year old Jack Carins to take his own life shortly after his release from hospital.

Jack Carins’ Home

Jack Carins built his home just outside of Coolgardie in about 1940 and lived there alone for the rest of this life. The home was made from discarded bricks and sheets of iron as well as scraps of timber and brush from the surrounding country. Despite its primitive appearance, Jack obviously took considerable pride in his home. A gravel path across the front of the buildings was lined with white painted stones and a tree in the “front yard” was decorated with ornaments and knick-knacks.

The Australian pioneers were a tough bunch.


Here is a gallery of other old buildings. We could only guess about the history and stories with in these old walls.





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7 thoughts on “A Word a Week : Old

  1. You guys are so much fun!! I love these photos!

  2. Great photos, I’ve enjoyed reading about their history. The photo of you and Jack is terrific 🙂 and the quote is fun too!

  3. I’m fascinated by these abandoned relics also. I always wonder, “What happened?”

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