A Word a Week : Dawn

Sue’s dictionary has fallen open at “Dawn” for this weeks challenge. I have so many sunset photos, but dawn? Well that is a different story.

Jack is the early riser in our house hold and he has some beautiful sun rise photos. So one morning I joined him on his bike ride down to the beach. It was certainly worth the effort. I have shown you some of the photos in other posts so I will just put one in here that has not been shown before.

Sunrise Burleigh Beach

Sunrise Burleigh Beach


Misty mornings are not very common in Queensland. So when we woke to this eerie, early morning sight I just had to jump out of the van to catch the beautiful and unusual almost supernatural scene.

Misty dawn in an empty campground

Misty dawn in an empty campground


We went down into the silent garden.

  Dawn is the time when nothing breathes, the hour of silence. 

Everything is transfixed, only the light moves.”  
―     Leonora Carrington


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6 thoughts on “A Word a Week : Dawn

  1. The misty photo is superb, very eerie. I certainly wouldn’t be able to manage this challenge, I’m a sunset photographer too 😉

  2. Gorgeous photos!

  3. that last photo is amazing! isn’t it funny how awake and alive we feel if we make the effort to get up and out in time to capture that amazing atmosphere? there’s something so special about the first hour of daylight. unfortunately for me, that first hour of serenity is followed by about 15 hours or horrible internet. the computer is having trouble opening pages, so i resign again until the bewitching hour!

    • I’m pleased you persevere with you demon internet to bring us the lovely photos and snippets of your life. Especially your art work, I love it

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