Lingering look at windows : Cascade Brewery, Hobart

Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery is the oldest continually operating brewery in Australia. It is based in South Hobart, Tasmania. The Cascade estate (originally a saw milling operation) was founded beside the clean water of the Hobart Rivulet in 1824 by Peter Degraves, an entrepreneur who emigrated from England. In 1826 charges were laid against Degraves for debt and he was taken into custody until 1831. In 1832 Peter Degraves built a Brewery on his property.[1]

It is now owned by Foster’s Group. Cascade produces a range of beers, homebrew, apple cider (‘Mercury Cider‘ brand) and non-alcoholic beverages including apple juice, blackcurrant syrup & carbonated beverages.

The image adopted for its label in 1987, H. C. Richter‘s nineteenth century illustration of the now extinct Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus), is from Gould‘s The Mammals of Australia.[2]

Cascade is unique among Australian breweries and rare among breweries worldwide in that it operates it own maltings, producing malt for its mainstream beers (including Premium Lager & Pale Ale) from locally grown barley. Specialty malts for dark beers and the seasonal range are imported from mainland Australia and from overseas. The Cascade name is also given to the sporting event ‘The Cascade Cup’.

There are tours of the brewery and I will be going on one at a later date. This time I was doing the city tour on the Red Bus “hop-on hop-off” tour, so this time I just took photos of the amazing gothic style building and the interesting windows.

Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery

Dawn at “The day after” has a weekly window challenge. Click here and go over to view through the many windows submitted by other keen window watchers.

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18 thoughts on “Lingering look at windows : Cascade Brewery, Hobart

  1. I was so excited anticipating Tasmanian windows; you did not disappoint!

  2. Another place to visit one day when I come to Tasmania!

    • This time we will only get to see around Hobart and already are planning to come back again, bring our pop-top camper and stay as long as possible

      • How long were you there? Because we’re coming all the way from the UK I’d want it to be at least a month… the trip of a lifetime!

        • We are house sitting in Hobart for 8 weeks but we can come back again as we live in Australia and travel around in a camper van. Are you just coming to Tassie or will you be going to other parts of Australia?

          • My husband has a friend in Brisbane so I guess we would visit him too… 2016 is when we hope to come! It must have been wonderful to be there for eight weeks, you must have really felt you got to know the place!

            • We live near Brisbane (when we are home) on a place called the Goldcoast, lovely area

            • My husband visited there two years ago and has some wonderful photos! Lucky you!

    • When I went to look at your blog a message popped up saying my internet had stopped working, I couldn’t open your site. When I closed it the internet was ok again. I think you may have a bug in your system. I would ask the “happiness engineers” from wordpress to check it for you.
      I would like to visit your blog…

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