Time Out For Art

Lisa of “Zeebra Designs and Destinations” is a very accomplished and talented artist and photographer. I love visiting her blog it is varied, inspirational and full of wit and wisdom.

Now her latest project is to do a pencil sketch each Thursday and she has invited other bloggers to “give it a go”.

I am not an artist, I love photography, it is quick and with digital you can take as many shots as you like, but drawing, now that takes time and concentration and careful observation.

For my first attempt I have chosen Tessa, the cute little dog we are looking after at the moment. Not easy as you just get going and she moves, 😦  but, as the saying goes ” if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”.

Sketches of Tesssa

Sketches of Tesssa



As you can see she is very cute and she loves cuddles, but next week I will try to find a more static subject.

These palm trees I drew way back in 2003 and I have grown rusty with not practicing. So thank you Lisa for jolting me back into action, it has been on my “must do” list for so long.

Palm trees drawn in 2003 and not done any more drawing since then

Palm trees drawn in 2003 and not done any more drawing since then

I was quite nervous about participating, it is confronting. So come on have a go I’m sure if I can do it you inspiring sketchers out there can show us what you can do…

So here goes, nervously, I am going to hit the publish button



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14 thoughts on “Time Out For Art

  1. I am so very proud of you! The drawings of Tessa are wonderful! It is very hard to capture an animal that doesn’t stay in one place! You did very well! The image of the palm trees is very nice as well! it’s strong and graceful!

    WELL DONE! You had no reason to struggle with qualms! Swim on lovely duckling!

  2. My friend, you have nothing to be nervous about – those sketches are lovely! I can not draw the most simplest thing even if my life depends on it (and I am not joking!), so you have my complete admiration.

    • Thank you for those inspiring comments. It is a bit nerve wracking putting personal things on the post

  3. poppytump

    PP !!!! How fantastic … these are really lovely sketches of little Tessa 🙂 nice and free and loose !
    I hear exactly what you are saying about hitting the publish button .. I think you probably realise that … I have to say it is getting a tiny bit easier as the weeks go by . I’m sure you will enjoy this Time out for Art Challenge. II don’t know quite why I have missed out on visiting Lisa’s blog until now . She certainly is very inspirational and talented .
    May have a go myself perhaps too … eeek

    • Thank you Poppy your comments give me encouragement to keep trying. I love Lisa’s blog she is so talented, go back and check out some of her art work, especially the series on painting the magic carpet.
      You are very talented with your shoot it draw it challenges you will do a great job on Lisa’s Thursday post. Looking forward to what you come up with next week… 🙂

      • poppytump

        PP …. am I being’ pushed off the fence’ Lol
        I’ll see how the time goes to be honest .
        Thanks for your support in my endeavours too 😉
        Have a good evening .. there I think got my times right didn’t I … !

        • You are right on spot, just finished dinner, smoked Tasmanian salmon a friend gave me today, drool, drool….Hope you land softly off that fence…

  4. Madoqua

    Ooh, smoked Tasmanian salmon – sounds delicious!
    Your drawings are lovely, I am going to give this challenge a go too – it looks like fun.

  5. Madoqua

    Your photos on Flikr are also lovely. Tassie must be very pretty at the moment.

    • Thank you for checking out my Flickr photos. We arrived here just at the best time for the autumn colour, most of the leaves have dropped now but I have hundreds of photos of them at their best.

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