Amazing Mailbox Quest

Over a year ago Madoqua of “Have you ever” blog started a challenge to find unusual mailboxes from around the world. A number of people have found some quite amazing samples and posted them on Madoqua’s blog. Click here to see them.

Now like all challenges they open your eyes to different subjects and ever since Madoqua started this challenge I have watched for unusual mailboxes, without much success. Then suddenly this week I have found a whole clutch of them in the Huonville area, south-west of Hobart in Tasmania, around a small village called Cygnet.

Some areas seem to attract and foster artistic people. Small galleries display their art and craft work, gardens burst with colour, hanging baskets delight the eye and houses are spick and span. It was in one such area that I spotted these mailboxes.

Clever conversion of a milk can

Clever conversion of a milk can

I think this should have a pink paint job...

I think this should have a pink paint job…

These boxes are not very artistic but I thought they may take a place in the quest for their complete lack of conformity, every one is a different shape, colour and size and they are all leaning every which way…

Along the back road all clustered together

Along the back road all clustered together. Not artistic but all different.

This next one I found along the Tasman Peninsular on the way to Port Arthur Penal Colony. A very clever way to promote his business.

Cleverly created with a chain saw. Notice the name of the business...

Cleverly created with a chain saw. Notice the name of the business…

Back view

Back view

Finally this red post box is the last of the original post boxes that used to be all around the country. It is in central Hobart.

Last remaining red post box in Tasmania

Last remaining red post box in Tasmania

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17 thoughts on “Amazing Mailbox Quest

  1. Wonderful!

    • Thanks Cindy I think it is a good idea from Madoqua to record them, not too many artistic ones around

  2. This is quite a collection! Very interesting how people come up with certain ideas

  3. These are wonderful!! Some very new and different ones too!!
    Thanks so much for posting these. I will add a link so that others can find them too 🙂

    • Thanks Madoqua it is interesting watching for different mailboxes I have got Jack keeping an eye open for them too

      • They are great!
        Getting around Tassie at this Ike of the year must be a bit chilly!
        It is a lovely place though.

        • We are really surprised that the weather is not as cold as we expected and no rain. The temps are about 17-18 and today reached 20…Of course we dress for the cooler weather, thermals etc

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  5. Too funny – I just posted a picture of one that I found in Maine – it’s about halfway down the page:


    • Thank you for leaving me your blog address, I’ve just popped over, what an interesting time you had and love the photos you took.

      • Thanks for stopping by and looking at my mailbox find! I did follow the link you gave me and left a comment there for her quest.

  6. The wooden carved dog must come from a place in the Huon Valley? It looks like some carving I saw down that way, some years back. Fabulous pics.

    • G’day welcome to my world and thanks for taking the time to comment. I spotted that carved mailbox on the way down to Port Arthur but the other mailboxes were seen around the Huon Valley. That is such a beautiful area

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