Lingering Look at Windows : Churches

Hobart is the second oldest city to be established in Australia. In 1803 the first English man, John Bowen, stepped ashore at Risdon Cove with a group of convicts and soldiers. (Click here to see my recent post about this area)

This area is rich in heritage buildings and among those early buildings some of the first to be built were the churches. The Tasmanian’s are proud of their heritage and they maintain the old buildings in the original style and condition and they are a pleasure to photograph.

For this weeks windows I have gathered together a gallery of church windows from around Hobart, Richmond, Cygnet and Port Arthur.

Each week on Thursday Dawn of “the day after” asks that we post photos of windows we have come across. Having this weekly challenge opens your eyes to the amazing type and style of windows you can find. See what you can find, you may like to show them off in this challenge

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24 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Windows : Churches

  1. You have done well. These are lovely.
    You said in one of your previous posts that Hobart is the second driest city in Australia. Which is the driest? I would guess Adelaide.

    • Yes you are right the driest is Adelaide. Watching the tv weather reports it always shows rain or showers for Tasmania but Hobart never gets any of the rain it mainly falls in the north west. In 4 weeks we have only had 2 days of rain

  2. Really beautiful church photos.

  3. So pretty!

  4. Churches are such a great venue for windows.

  5. Stained glass windows are always amazing! Lovely photos.

  6. Some interesting windows, nice variety of shapes.

  7. I too have a collection of church windows I will post at some point. We probably are all drawn to them. It doesn’t matter though, I never tire of looking at them. Thanks for sharing another view of Hobart. I’m enjoying your stay. 😉

  8. Fantastic selection! The stained glass ones are so pretty. 🙂

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