Timeout For Art : Week 2

This week I decided to try drawing something that would stay still. This fir cone was nestling in a corner of the garden and was definitely not going anywhere so it became my model for this weeks art attempt.

It took a great deal of concentration. Every time I took my eyes off it to draw what I thought I had seen then looked back again it was in fact very hard to work out what part I had just drawn.

When I had finished I took a photo and comparing the photo and drawing I can see I have added a few extra seed casings scales. (Not sure if that is the correct name for them). Thank you Madoqua for telling me the correct term.

So here it is Lisa, I enjoyed the challenge.

I am taking part in Lisa of “Design and destinations” weekly challenge to take timeout for art. Lisa has started an on-line art class. Click on the link to see the creations from the other participants.

Pencil sketch of a fir cone

Pencil sketch of a fir cone

The model and the sketch

The model and the sketch

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13 thoughts on “Timeout For Art : Week 2

  1. Wonderful, it really looks lovely. Well done – no way could I have done this!!! So, therefore I am full of admiration.

  2. Beautiful indeed! Plants are very co-operative and sit patiently for hours if you care to paint or draw them 🙂
    You have captured the cone beautifully.
    (PS: The casings are generally referred to as scales)

    • Thank you Madoqua I just couldn’t remember what they are called, I will go back and correct it…

  3. Bravo bravo BRAVO! you did well! very well! the drawing is beautiful, and your post gave me a chuckle! yes, it’s much easier to capture something that stays still!

    i’m about to be away for about 48hours… but look forward to being back! thanks so much for this beautiful drawing!
    well done!


    • You have started a really interesting weekly sketching challenge. It makes me slow down and really look instead of just taking a quick photo and moving on.

      Enjoy your timeout to travel

  4. I love your shading on the pine cone. Beautiful. I had to chuckle because I thought the very same thing. I can’t draw something that keeps moving. I tried sketching so many moving things, until i got frustrated. But, Princesa, my neighbor’s cow was pleasantly cooperative if I kept holding out mangoes for her to munch. How do people sketch moving objects? It’s so hard.

  5. You, my friend, are a person of many talents! Kudos~

  6. What talent you have young lady! Bravo!

    • Thanks Pamela, I love the “young lady” comment 🙂 You have had a very interesting career path

      • I guess I have – and it just keeps getting more and more interesting – in that it’s been keeping me so busy I barely have time to come and visit everyone. I will be checking in now and again though so keep those beautiful pics coming!

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