Timeout for Art : Week 3

Lisa of “Design and Destination” has challenged us to make time each week to create a pencil sketch. Lisa is a great inspiration, do click on the link to see the amazing project she is involved in and the people she is helping and inspiring in  a painting project in Ecuador.

Now Lisa’s motto is “an artist’s eyes never sleep” and I am finding, even though I do not class myself as an artist, I am now looking for some thing that I may be able to sketch. Some thing that is not too complicated, that stays still and that will be with in my capabilities as a learner.

Well this week as I took the dogs for a walk I passed this old church. It was nestled in among houses. It had a charm and simplicity that really appealed to me and I decided I would go back later to try to draw it.

It was not easy, but this is what I produced…

St Marks Chapel of Ease

St Marks Chapel of Ease

Then I compared what I thought I had seen and drawn to what the camera captured.

Mmmmmm. Well.

The cute little church I had drawn was a very fore-shortened version of the real thing. The proportions and perspective I had drawn just were not the same as in the photo.

So here is the photo for comparison.

St Marks Church

St Marks Church

So I decided to have another go, but this time I would draw from the photo.

Well I think I am a bit nearer to the real thing but I did not feel so much satisfaction drawing from the photo as I did standing in front of the church and next to the 1826 year old grave stone. I think the ambience and atmosphere was missing when I sat in front of the computer.

St Marks Church drawn from the photo

St Marks Church drawn from the photo

You’ll notice I have taken some artistic licence leaving out the drain pipe.

St Marks church


This description, written so many years ago, paints a picture in my mind of how it was back then. The gum trees are long gone and the quaint little church is surrounded by modern day houses and used as a scout hall, but as I stood drawing it I could visualize the gum trees and hear the cracked bell. Drawing it gave me a great deal of satisfaction.

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8 thoughts on “Timeout for Art : Week 3

  1. what a wonderful post! this made my heart smile for many reasons! yes, we learn so much when we work from life, and like you, i could almost hear the whisper of the wind whispering in the long ago tree tops. someone should replant in memory of how it once was.

    you did a great job with both drawings. yes, it’s sometimes hard to decipher what’s there.. i find that i sometimes pull in my reins and compare the direction of a line to the hands of a clock.. ‘is it pointing from the center of the clock to nine o’clock? no, i’t more like eight o’clock.” and so on.. that has always helped me.

    there’s a freshness in your first one – sometimes we might not capture an exactness, but we capture the essence, and that is the true gift. the otehr is that when we look at that drawing years later, we will again recall the day, the weather, what was going on in our lives… the drawing is also a little pictorial memory in time!

    i am on my way back to silvana’s family restaurant where we’ll spend day three on the painting project. it’s going great. i am so glad to have enjoyed your post before leaving the hostal!

    great work amiga!

    • Thank you Lisa for the tip about the clock, I will be using that as a visual check on positions. Drawings certainly bring back the feeling of a place even years later, more so than a quick photo. I love your phrase “a little pictorial memory in time”

  2. Wow you are a mult-talented person as I have said many times. Bravo~

  3. I really do like the first one you drew better than the second. I think this is because the first looks like a little chapel and the second looks more like a scout hall! Either way, both sketches are lovely.

    • Thank you for the feed back Madoqua. It surprised me the difference I felt in the 2 drawing experiences.

  4. I have to agree with the previous comments – the first sketch that you did on location contains a spontaneity and an alive feeling that the second one does not, even though the second one has all its walls standing square. However, both are delightful drawings.

    • Thank you for the feed back Ruth. I never realised how different it would feel drawing on location to drawing from a photo. I did feel more in tune and in the moment out doors drawing.

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