Lingering Look at Windows : Decorative surrounds

In Colonial times the widows were not just a square hole used to look out or in to a building, they had endless decorations, artistic surrounds, stone trims. I do not know the correct term for these adornments but they give the buildings style and beauty.

Hobart is a living museum of this Georgian architecture. I gaze up admiring the artistry of the master stone masons of a bygone era. The buildings stand tall and proud a magnet for my camera.

So this week I will showcase these stone surroundings of the windows in central Hobart.

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10 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Windows : Decorative surrounds

  1. Pommepal, incredible pictures!

  2. Wonderfully stylish! 3 cheers for Hobart! 🙂

  3. aren’t these lovely~

  4. Great style! I enjoyed your gallery…

  5. This place is amazing. And as usual you have captured that. Great shots!

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