Time out for art : Week 4

This week Lisa from “Zeebra Designs & Destinations” has discussed concentration in relation to art. I agree, to try to reproduce, as a pencil sketch, or any other medium, what you are looking at needs intense concentration. I have realised this over the past few weeks that I have joined Lisa’s “Time out for art” group.

(click on this link to see more examples from artists taking part in this project)

This week winter arrived. The skies are grey, the wind is chilly and at last the long-awaited rain arrived to soak the gardens and give the plants the reviving moisture they need.

Not weather for drawing outside, so looking around I decided to stay indoors, in comfort, to sketch the lounge chairs.

Not easy, they had many different angles and the perspective was a challenge. It required great concentration and almost 2 hours to complete. That is Tessa curled up on the chair. I must admit she looks like a hedgehog the way I have drawn her. I took a photo after I finished the drawing to compare the results and have a record for future reference.

Sketch of the lounge chairs

Sketch of the lounge chairs

Photo taken after I finished the drawing. Tessa looked up for the photo

Photo taken after I finished the drawing. Tessa looked up for the photo


I have put them in side by side to be able to compare the art with the photo taken after I had finished the drawing.

What  do I mean by concentration?

I mean focusing totally on the business at hand

and  commanding your body to do exactly what you want it to do.

Arnold  Palmer 

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8 thoughts on “Time out for art : Week 4

  1. Love the black and white. They look like days gone by~

  2. Madoqua

    Every week you inspire me and give me itchy fingers to get out my pencils to draw. With all the good intentions though, the weeks just fly by too fast!
    I do enjoy your lovely drawings and will get myself organised to participate once things quieten down a bit!

  3. I love the drawing of the fuzzball on the couch! Such a sweet face in the photo.


    • She is a real darling. I will be sad to say goodbye to her when this house sit finishes and we go back home

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