Lingering Look at Windows : Who are you?

Who's sleeping in my house?

Who’s sleeping in my house?

We are now in our new home. We will be house sitting here for approximately 3 months and on the first morning these nosy birds peered in at us. What a strange-looking pair. Couldn’t resist taking their photo through the bedroom window.

This is what we see through our windows

This is what we see through our windows

This is tropical Queensland and you can see some of the tropical foliage that surrounds us. It is a lovely area, I’m looking forward to exploring.


Each week on Thursday Dawn of “the day after” asks that we post photos of windows we have come across. Having this weekly challenge opens your eyes to the amazing type and style of windows you can find. See what you can find, you may like to show them off in this challenge

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25 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Windows : Who are you?

  1. how funny to have the guineas gawking at you!!! yes, they are so loud!

    it’s great to see you back! you’ve been missed!

    • G’day Lisa it is good to be back thank you for your lovely comment. Yes they are loud and make good watch birds, today a strange dog wandered onto the property and the guineas went wild, the dog very quickly left.

  2. Family and friends with large houses in the country (UK) all kept at least a pair of guinea fowls and/or geese for just reason – their noise “would wake the dead” – in a way more effective than a dog. Carina 🙂

    • Yes we experienced how protective they are when a neighbours dog wandered through this afternoon, they made a huge racket

  3. House sitting sounds fun. And you don’t have to put the baby to bed 🙂

    • It is fun Jo and a great and economical way to travel. Every house is so different it keeps you on your toes, looking for where people store the different things, some times just searching for a simple thing like a grater can take ages. Then the animals we care for all have different characters, I love the challenge… 🙂

  4. andrea

    Good evening
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    My name is Andrea and come from Oberhausen is located in North Rhine-Westphalia.
    And what’s your name?
    Your pictures are great, are great, I think it’s all good, the colorful parrots are very very toll…ich am looking forward to more.
    These are pictures from their homeland?
    Where exactly are you from.
    To have beautiful they made in the wide Univerum.
    All the best for you and your family
    Wish you have a pleasant Tag.Herzlichst Andrea

    • G’day Andrea I live and travel around Australia, welcome to my world I was pleased to see all the likes you have honoured me with. I popped over to look at your posts, what really interesting photos you display, I look forward to exploring your site further. Thanks for dropping by.

      • andrea

        Good morning Sunday,
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        • Thanks for the comment Andrea, it is winter here but the weather is perfect, it never gets too cold in the tropics

          • andrea

            what you’ve got winter so far in the North it is?
            When do you have summer time may I ask then.

            • Summer is your winter December to March

            • andrea

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  5. Your BACK!!! I missed you. Love these birdies and the photos~

    • G’day Cindy, what a lovely comment to open up my day to. I missed wandering around my community cyberspace pals. Fortunately it is a very good connection here so I can get back to WordPressing and see what every one has been up to during the 2 weeks I was in transit.

  6. Those are some big guinea fowl! I can see why they make good guard dogs for the yard. It’s nice to hear from your again and I look forward to hearing more of what you’re up to.


    • G’day Nancy it is good to be back and settled into the WP community, now I will have to catch up with every one, love your recent post of the hydranga’s

  7. Wonderful addition to this week’s challenge. I love how you seem to joyfully accept new adventures.

  8. Your house sitting setup sounds great. Two questions about the guinea fowl – do you know if they would survive in a cold climate? And secondly, do they leave a mess everywhere like ducks do? I know someone who needs a good ‘watch pet’, but would be too easily knocked over by a dog.
    Nice post!
    Enjoy your stay!

    • Hi Madoqua, interesting questions. I have only seen them in Queensland so not sure if they can survive the cold and as for the mess, well we also have 24 chooks wandering around the garden and it is a big area for them all so I’m not sure which poo is which!!!! The guineas seem to wander all the time I have never seen them sitting around like ducks do.

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