Travel Theme : Wild

Wild Tasmanian Devil

Wild Tasmanian Devil


Don't swim here

Don’t swim here

In response to Ailsa’s theme of Wild here are two very wild Australian animals.


Those  who wish to pet and baby wild animals ‘love’ them.

But those who respect their  natures and wish to let them live normal lives, love them  more.
Edwin  Way Teale

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17 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Wild

  1. excellent shots!

  2. Sandra

    How did you manage to get them both with all their teeth & fangs showing? Were they smiling for the camera? Brilliant shots!

  3. Mmmmnnn……..
    I wouldn’t have thought ‘cheese’ would have quite done the trick…..but, well, you never can tell!!
    A good capture of the more ‘bitey’ Australian wildlife.

  4. Good shots! The first one reminds me of someone I used to know 😉

  5. My two favourite Australian animals.

  6. whoa!!! now THAT’S wild!!!

  7. Scary pics!!! Good job!

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