Word a Week : Pink

This week the word is PINK.

It immediately brought back memories of the wild flowers in Western Australia. A trip I had longed to make and finally I achieved my dream in 2010.

I have just been back there in my photos, hundreds of them. They brought back the wonder and joy I experienced when I walked among the beauty that can be found in this glorious country.

These are just a small sample from my photo gallery of flowers.



Princess gum

Princess gum

Geraldton wax

Geraldton wax

Kalbarri flower pc 036_3264x2448

Lake walk W flora pc 033_2310x1715

Stunning lotus from Townsville botanic gardens

Stunning lotus from Townsville botanic gardens

Finally I couldn’t resist putting in these two photos of that adorable Aussie parrot, the pink and grey galah.

Galah & jack 008cropped_1252x977

Pinmicales pc 033cropped_1477x1391

Thanks Sue for giving me the chance to wander down memory lane and show you these photos.

Many bloggers have been in the pink this week click here to see them.

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6 thoughts on “Word a Week : Pink

  1. andrea

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    If newly subscribed me to come then your contributions, and I like clicking on my new email address, it would be nice if you did that already, the new Wpadresse in abonierte blogs I’m einfügen…dann sure it will work everything back to normal.Send many Angel to you today for the weekend.
    Sincerely Andrea
    Many hugs

  2. Oh those gorgeous Galahs!!! Fab pics!

  3. andrea

    Meine WPadresse hat sich geändert….
    HERZlichst ANDREA

  4. lovely lovely images! that lotus is stunning!

    pink is a soft color, isn’t it?

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