A Word a Week : Ornate

Wintersun Coolangatta

A car with attitude

A car with attitude

Each year, in Coolangatta, on the first weekend in June a nostalgia festival  focussing on the 1950’s and 60’s features rock and roll music, classic and hot rod cars . Bands rock on and people dance in the streets. Hundreds of immaculate cars line up along the Esplanade for inspection. Most years the sun beams on the festivities. It was called “Wintersun Festival”, now it is known as “Cooly Rocks On”. But what ever the name it is a fun day out in the sun. The cars, especially the hot-rods, are a tribute to the hours of dedicated work the owners have put into them. This is just one of those cars with all the ornate paint-work.


Hobart Town Hall

Hobart Town Hall

The ornate decor inside the Hobart Town Hall was a beautiful back drop to the magnificent blooms in the Autumn Flower Show. (click here to visit the flower show again)




The Asian countries older buildings are works of art. The ornate details and vibrant colours are a delight for photography.




Not as ornate as some Asian buildings but it is the colour scheme that catches the eye in this building.


Thanks Sue for keeping this challenge going each week your dictionary gives us interesting words and a good excuse (if one is needed) to wander through the memories that old photos bring back. Click here to see more ornate posts from around the world.

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6 thoughts on “A Word a Week : Ornate

  1. WOW! Eye candy!

  2. awesome car love it 🙂

  3. Whoa, that yellow car! That’ll really wake you up in the morning!:)

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