Timeout for Art : Practice, Practice and more Practice

A few months ago Lisa of “Zeebra designs and destination” invited any one interested to join her each week to take timeout for art.

Thank you Lisa for stirring the right side of my brain into action. You are so right in saying that the act of drawing ( or any other form of art) creates a feeling of being totally absorbed and calm. I have sketched quite regularly since you gave us that “call to pick up a pencil and give it a go”, now I really look forward to finding time to practice. I carry a small sketch book and pencils in my bag and find odd moments through the day, ie waiting in the café for the coffee to arrive or just time to observe the world around me and try to capture it.

I’ve also discovered YouTube is an amazing source of tutorials and the local library has a huge choice of art books.


I’m living with 6 cats at the moment and they are a constant source of delight and entertainment and as they don’t stay still for very long I have taken many photos of them. So this week I used one of the photos as my model to draw from and with the help of a You Tube tutorial this is what I drew this week.

Drawing of Misha

Drawing of Misha

Timeout for Art - A Badge for

So if you feel like joining drop over to check out Lisa’s blog.


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6 thoughts on “Timeout for Art : Practice, Practice and more Practice

  1. Just really lovely!! Kudos!!

  2. A beautiful drawing.

  3. yay!!!!! how great it is to have a tiny bit of time and to see this lovely post! you did a great job – my heart smiles!

    though i have been offline and silent, you are often in my thoughts, and i always feel a bit guilty that i’ve not been able to keep up with your posts or to know what lovely part of your world you’re tending! i love the photo of the skyline!

    • Thanks Lisa for dropping by, you are a real inspiration to me. I look forward to when you are able to join us again in cyberspace

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