A Word a Week : Silhouette

We walk hand in hand up the hill to watch the sun set in the west

We walk hand in hand up the hill to watch the sun set in the west

Travel is all about special moments.

I look at this photograph and I am transported back in time to a special camp ground we stayed at in Western Australia. The vivid details play through my mind as I see this image, the myriad of wild flowers the smell of the red dust scuffed up by our feet, the spiky clumps of spinifex grass scratching my legs and the dry, outback heat with the relentless sun beating down. As the day ends we walk up the hill to watch the sun set. Two new friends join us and share a glass of wine. A perfect end to a day on the road.

So I would like to share a gallery of photos with you and take you back in time to this camp ground on Giralia Station. (Click on the link to find more details about Giralia Station) 


At my age would I still be able to recall this moment from the many experiences of 2010 as we travelled around Australia? Until I came across this photo, as I searched through the thousands to find an appropriate one for this challenge, this place had become a dim memory floating in the deep recesses of my mind, waiting to be jogged back into focus by these photos.


So thank you Sue for this weeks challenge it was a memorable trip for me back in time.

Click here to see many other silhouettes captured in time.

While looking through the archives I came across some other silhouettes I would like to share with you.

sunset bivouac camp

sunset bivouac camp

tiaro mary river camp

Road train

Road train

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7 thoughts on “A Word a Week : Silhouette

  1. RMW

    Beautiful photos…. love the sunflowers in the background too.

    • G’day RMW welcome to my world and thankyou so much for taking time to pause and leave a comment. I love sunflowers they make me smile every time I open my blog. Thank you for noticing and mentioning them

  2. What fun you have!

  3. Beautiful pictures wonderful point. I wonder if I have any memories in my archive….

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