Weekly Photo Challenge : The Hue of Me

Rebirth and renewal of spring

Rebirth and renewal of spring

I have found this WP photo theme very challenging. For the past couple of days I have mulled over all the hues that are available.  As I drop off to sleep I think of deep purples, meditative colours. But that is not me. I wake up and over breakfast I think of yellows, bright and breezy, the back ground to this blog is the happy field of sunflowers, I love yellow. But some how it is not my over all hue. Then I search through my photos, an interesting way to spend a showery Sunday morning. I scroll through flower photos in all the colours of the rainbow and I love them all. But which is me.

Possibly the hardest part is choosing just one.

Then I come across this one. Taken in 2008. I feel it tells of my optimistic outlook, my love of nature and always looking forward to new challenges.

Did you take on this challenge and did you find it hard or easy?

Visit the “Weekly Photo Challenge” post and see how other bloggers from around the world have interpreted it.

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : The Hue of Me

  1. I really like the way you’ve chosen just one photo and an appropriate colour for you. I feel you’ve truly accepted the challenge of the week and shown you’re up to it.

    • G’day, thanks for dropping by, I appreciate your comment It took me quite a while to decide on just one photo I usually like to put lots in each post.

  2. Pommepal, well done! (I know you like to put loads of photos in each post!) I agree you’ve really captured this challenge. I’m still mulling over it, not an easy one.

  3. What a lovely colour, you have chosen well

  4. What a lovely colour, you have chosen well.

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  6. I adore green and white.

  7. It was not that easy, I admit. It’s how you go at it…I love almost all colours, but I know which ones I feel most comfortable with. They were impossible to find in only one photo…so I had to use two. You managed to do it in one – and I do believe it is You. Well done!

  8. Beautiful green image. Yes, this was a challenging one this time! I took several pictures of different colors before I decided on what to post.

  9. I found it difficult also. My immediate instinct was to go with yellow; I love yellow. But i have blogged about it often and like you I didn’t know that it encompassed all of “me”. I searched through my archives and the internet for meanings of colors. I finally came upon one (I believe its scheduled to post tomorrow sometime, I am out of town). I love your take and I am glad mine was set to post before I read this because green was a color I was leaning toward and your wonderful definition might have confused me more!

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