Lingering Look at Windows : Underground


This is a house that is built into the side of a hill by one very dedicated Yorkshire man with a dream to live like Robinson Crusoe

We first met Dave and Donna and their 3 month old baby in 1996 when we WWOOFed for them on their lifestyle property on the fringes of the Eungella National Park. An idyllic rainforest setting for Dave to build his dream of a self-sufficient existence on their 22 acres of paradise. Initially he built a tree house to live in while he excavated into the hillside to create their house. A large organic vegetable garden produced vegetables to sell at the local market. A worm farm, compost heap and 6 cows, chooks and a pig produced manure for the sustenance of the garden. The electricity came from a turbine run from the water power of the stream.

We visited again 14 years later. The family had grown to 3 children and Dave had built an outside extension to the house, using local stone. If you look closely you can just see the extension in the top photo.



The house that Dave built in the rainforest

The house that Dave built in the rainforest with the window/ranch slider.

So this is my window for this week’s challenge.


Dawn from ” The day after” has a challenge to find windows and post them each week. I love these Word Press challenges they open your eyes to the world around you. I also enjoy looking through all the other interesting and varied windows from around the world. Go to Dawns link, you may have some windows you can show us.


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11 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Windows : Underground

  1. WOW!! Quite incredible isn’t it!!

  2. Great window shot, and as you say it is fascinating to see what others post – giving us a different view of the world. 🙂

  3. looks amazing … we had an earth-sheltered office at our previous place … helped to stabilise temperatures year round 🙂

  4. Great window and a wonderful story that proves where there is a will there is a way.

  5. What a great place! Our local council would not be able to deal with that sort of house though!!! 😆

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