Travel Theme : Connections

Snakes mating

Snakes mating

These snakes were beautiful to watch as they performed their mating ritual. The light caught them and they glimmered. Click on the link below to see the video of the courtship and two snakes connecting.

This was the most amazing connection I have ever seen. Jack caught these two tree snakes mating on video. It is a graceful and sensuous performance. I hope you enjoy it.


Mother and kid

This is a touching moment when the mother bonds with her new baby.


Ailsa from “Where’s my backpack?” has given us a lovely challenge this week to connect to. Check out other blogs from around the world to see the many interpretations of connections.

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25 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Connections

  1. Loved the video, it was amazing. Great pics!

  2. Oh, love the snakes, what a great connection!

  3. These are wonderful! Heart warming and true beauty. What luck to have seen those snakes!

    • Even though Australia is renowned for it’s snakes it is not often you see them they will disappear when they hear you coming. So to see this mating ritual is very rare.

  4. Goodness at one point they even made a heart!

  5. I have never seen this, thanks for sharing!

  6. Haven’t seen anything quite like the snakes.


  7. A most unusual but interesting picture those snakes.

  8. Madoqua

    Wow, amazing footage, how special is that?
    I was lucky to capture the same ritual with two brown snakes some years ago – they sit up off the ground as well as do the twisting and twining actions.

    • The brown snakes would be a bit nerve wracking to be near. Did you have your camera with you?

      • Madoqua

        The two big browns lived in a deep hole in the ground near one of our sheds. We knew they were there, so used to keep a sharp eye out for them during the summer. I was taking photos when we spotted them in the grass. Three of us watched the ritual with fascination and I had my camera recording as well. I will have to work out how to upload videos so that I can put it on my blog! The snakes moved away when it got too busy around their home – to my relief 🙂

  9. Could be a nice necklace in silver, these connected snakes. Great entry!

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  11. fantastic shot!

  12. poppytump

    WOW PP … Jack did good 😉
    What an amazing little video . So sinuous and delicate but with a sense of urgency too … quite beautiful .

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