Travel Theme : Fragrant

I am sending you a bouquet of roses that has the fragrance of love. The queen of flowers that is so beautiful. I am also sending Jack to present them to you. Close your eyes and with the image of this perfection recall the scent of your dreams…

christchurch 070_3264x2448


Ailsa from “Where’s my backpack” has chosen a difficult theme this week. How do you photograph FRAGRANT? It is interesting to check out other posts, there are so many smells that people love and some very inventive ways of reminding us about them.

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15 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Fragrant

  1. Beautiful images, Pommepal – I now have olfactory overload… what a great start to Monday! 🙂

  2. Indeed a great start to the week. Beautiful roses and a handsome man. 🙂

  3. And gorgeous too!

  4. Reblogged this on Memories are made of this and commented:

    Having lost all my rose photos on my external hard drive melt-down I am reblogging this post I did about roses last year for Frizz’s A to Z challenge. This week it is R…

  5. such a treat to see them at this time of year …. no roses here until spring!

    • Most of those roses were taken in the Adelaide botanic garden were they have a superb rose garden and also a large trial area for new unnamed species. Jack was photographed in Christchurch NZ with his giant rose

  6. this was truly a great collage – I enjoyed feeling all that beauty! thanks!!!!!

    • Thanks Y, when we lost all the photos on the external hard drive I was so glad I had been putting them on to my blog and also onto Flickr.

  7. Loved opening this first thing today. What a beautiful walk through a fragrant place!

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